ZotPad is an iPad/iPhone client for Zotero reference management software. The purpose of ZotPad is to allow accessing Zotero libraries from mobile devices. The software provides read and write access to Zotero files stored on the Zotero server, WebDAV server, or Dropbox. ZotPad contains a basic file reader that can be used to open the most common file types and can send attachment files by email. Annotation workflow can be easily set up with third-party PDF annotating software.

The app comes with an in-app user guide and support features.

ZotPad is available for free through App Store.

Introducing ZotPad 2.0

This post provides the first look at the upcoming ZotPad 2.0. This new version is a major upgrade over ZotPad 1.2 upgrading most of the core technologies and will require iOS 7. This reflects a change in development philosophy: ZotPad 1.x was developed with the idea of releasing something that work, and then improving from there by adding features. The 2.0 version takes the opposite approach rethinking some of the core technologies and focusing on architecture that is both robust and extensible over time.

ZotPad goes free

ZotPad is now available from the App Store for free. This means the full app without limitations and with the same support level as before. The only thing that has changed is the price.

The price change is part of a longer term plan for ZotPad. ZotPad started as a paid app to justify the time investment that went to developing the first version. The initial price was then increased to raise funds to license PDF technology from iAnnotate. This fundraising target has now been reached and ZotPad can therefore be made freely available.

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