What Can You Buy With Google Play Gift Cards?

Use of Google Play Gift Cards

Our lives revolve around our Smartphone, and us proud our self by keep updating all the information flowing in and around us. We all are living in the new information age, and our best buddy in this age is our Smartphone. More and more application which are a few years ago did not want to port into the Smartphone app is now considering their decision, and they are changing to the new embrace platform of Smartphone.

If you look in the Smartphone platform, you will find that nearly Android commands more than 60% of the market share of the whole Smartphone regarding Smartphone OS.

If you have an Android Smartphone, then you will know that you will need to have a Google Play Store account as this will give you access to a whole new ocean of apps. Google presently has more than 2.2 Million Publish apps which means that you can get any apps on any topic and any services.

Google Play has more than 50 Billion downloads worldwide for all those apps and games. If you are not on Smartphone, then you are missing the most essential of life, where you can have thousands of apps which can help you make your life comfortable.

What is Google Play Gift Cards?

Google Play Gift Cards are a virtual currency which can only be redeemed on Google Play Store and can be used to purchase items presents in Google Store.”

So, it is like paperless currency which restricts the use of credit cards and debit cards and allows users from non-compliant countries to buy a product from Google stores. If you don’t own credit cards and want to purchase any items, then it will come as a savior, and you will be able to purchase items on Google Play Store.

What Can You Buy With Google Play Gift Cards?

There are many Google items which you can purchase using Google Play Gift Cards, some of them are given below:

  1. Apps
  2. Movies
  3. Books
  4. Magazines
  5. Games
  6. Music

Google Apps

All most all application which you used on your PC, you can find it on Google Play Store, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. You can find thousands of informative apps which you can help in keeping your health record updated, your fitness routine. One can even get daily tips for keeping your health fit; you can get glucose check with the help of google apps and some small kit which can be used in your Smartphone as a dongle.

Google Movies

One of the lucrative business around the world after games are Movies, we all love to watch movies on our TV or Smartphone. With the launch of new Smart TV, views can view movies on smart TV using Google Apps. You will purchase all latest Movies Title and that too in your language (if available).

Enjoy your a late evening with Marvel’s Avengers or Deadpool 2; you can now take movies with you anywhere and watch them on your Smartphone.

Google Books

In Google books, there are two options,

  1. You can get more than 70% discount if you opt for an ebook (online reading)
  2. You can order offline also if you want

Just get ready to spend your holiday with the Harry Potter or James Hardly Chase or want to check some self-improvement books, you ask for it, you will get it all. Check Google Play Store it has more than 1 million books line up for your attention.

Google Magazines

You can check these amazing Magazines with news, fashion, Business, and entertainment. You can choose to read these magazines online with less than the one-third price of the main magazine.

Google Games

Games are the biggest money churner for Google Play Store; it has more than 2.2 Million Games in its inventory and more than 50 Billion downloads of these games. If you love to play Clash of clans or PUBG or Fortnite you can safely go to Google Play Store and download them free.

Google Music

Get all the latest music in and around the world with a monthly subscription. You will be surprised to know that you will get four-month free music subscription if you opt for Google music in this new year (2019). So, why are you waiting? Get some music in your Smartphone and pampered yourself.

Items which you cannot buy using Google Play Gift Cards?

You cannot buy Physical items by using Google Play Gift Cards credits, all you can purchase are virtual items. So, if you are eyeing for laptops, headphone, earphone or Smartphone then you should stop wondering, as you will not able to use these Google Play Credits to buy those physical products.

Final Words

So, we hope you find the all your answers on what you can purchase using Google Play Cards Credits. Things which you must remember is that it will fetch you digital or virtual items. You cannot purchase any physical items using these credits.

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