How to Turn Off iMessage on Mac Easily

Are you annoyed with iMessage, which keep on bugging you during work?

iMessage is special services given by Apple Users free of charge to talk with other Apple users. But these free message systems also become quite annoying when it keeps on banging during working hours.

Every system has some Pro and Cons, but it seems right when you have time to spend. It feels uncomfortable when you are concentrating on your jobs, and the message keeps on popping up.

To avoid all the agony, you need to Turn off iMessage on Mac, for that we present 03 methods by which you can accomplish your job.

What is iMessage on Mac?

iMessage is software for sending Text-message to different Apple ID, and you can also send SMS and MMS message using the iPhone.

In null set, it is a free message system which is used to send and receive messages from Apple ID using iCloud and other Apple Devices.

This is unique features which help you to connect with your friends and family who own Apple products such as MAC or iPhone. As this messaging software uses the internet and iCloud to store your messages, it did not charge any money.

So, anyone having an Apple product can use this free Message software to send or receive a message to another Apple ID.

Why do you need to turn off iMessage on Mac?

As you know, iMessage is really free and best service on Mac, but many times situation arises when you want to stop all incoming message.

  • If you have an exam
  • If you are on deadline and need to finish any project
  • You are in office and message keeps on popping up
  • If you are attending any meeting or other seminars
  • If messages are coming to iPhone as well as on Mac

Note: you can enable/ disable this iMessage from your Mac depending on the situation. So, do not afraid to learn this method and use it as per your convenience.

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Methods to Turn Off iMessage on Mac

We are going to discuss 03 awesome methods which can help you to turn off these messages from your computer. Use these methods as per your need and convenience.

1: Turn off iMessage from Message Menu

This method is straight forward as you can turn off the message from the message menu. For stopping iMessage from the message menu, you need to follow these steps

Turn Off iMessage

  1. Click on message tab and open Message menu
  2. Select the preferences to option from the drop-down menu
  3. Click on the “Accounts tab” available in the preferences box
  4. Uncheck the option saying “Enable this account.”
  5. Now sign out from your Apple id
  6. Now login your account, iMessage will stop, and you will not receive any message.

You can use this awesome method to enable/ disable iMessage from Mac system.

2: Turn off Apple Notification

This is the second method to turn Apple notification and to perform; you need to perform this step.

imessage notification

  1. Click on Apple icon by open the Apple Menu
  2. Now click on system preference option present in the Apple Menu
  3. Now click on notification icon present in the system
  4. Click on message option present under the notification tab
  5. Now check message option which will be open in Message Alert style
  6. You can now exit the dialog box after saving

3: You can Turn notification for any specific contact

There are many situations arises, when you need to block some particular contract who are sending endless messages to your system. To block those type of contact, you can follow these steps

  1. Click on the message icon and open message menu
  2. Now select the preferred option present in the drop-down menu
  3. Now click on the account tab under the preference tab
  4. Click on the blocked tab present under the account option
  5. These will show all the blocked Apple id
  6. Now you can click on the “+” option and select the contact you want to block
  7. Contact name will be added in the blocked apple id list
  8. Exit from the dialog box

Note: this method is effective for those contact, which is annoying or keeps on sending a mindless message without checking the time.

Final words

These are the 03 methods by which you can enable / disable your iMessage from any Mac devices. We hope that you implement these methods and did not get distracted by message during your office hours.

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