Tips To Keep Yourself Updated With SEO Trends

Are you looking for new SEO Trends for your company benefit?

If you are an online internet marketer or have an online company and need a better perspective, then you need to appraise with SEO Trends.

Now Google SEO is very difficult to pinpoint as they keep on changing without giving any prior notice. Big website doomed with one single core update and many companies operating in that category, suddenly become bankrupt.

Just, for example, take the Google Aug 2019 Core update for Health and Medical sites, which has forced thousands of small online company to close. In this core update, Google has deindexed all fraud and e-commerce website, which are selling a product without a doctor prescription.

This is just an example, as to how Google keeps on Updating its Core and stumble big sectors and deindex thousands of websites.

Know SEO Trends

To know all these core updates and how to counter these Google updates, you need to keep yourself 100% updated with the latest SEO Trends.

So, these are the best tips for getting acquainted with SEO Trends.

1. Start Following this SEO Website

If you really want to keep yourself updated with the latest SEO trends, then you need to follow these websites for the latest happening in SEO.


Apart from reading different blogs, you also need to experiment with different strategy discuss in these blogs. SEO is an experiment topic; all you need is to test diffident strategy keeping in mind the latest SEO Trends.

You need to dedicate every day three to four hours reading all these blogs and checking competitors backlinks to excel in SEO. SEO is not one day job; it is a continuous process, which requires great patience and lots of testing.

2. Attend Events and Grow your Network

One of the best methods of getting new information and announcement is to attend networking events or seminars. If you can afford, try to attend an SEO summit or Digital marketing events going on near your area.

When you attend any SEO events, you will make a new friend, and you will come to know different ideas which can help you in your campaign. In Seminar, you will also get a chance to hear from industry leaders who will give you advance tips on coming Google Core updates.

Try to attend Google Conferences in your country, which will help you with new finding and will open new idea on what parameters google judge your website.

You can use that insight into SEO conference to boost your website ranking.

3. Join SEO groups in Social media

The first place which breaks any new update or new trends in social media. So, to keep a tab on the latest happenings, you need to join social media SEO groups.

You should consider joining these social media to get updated information on SEO.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • VK
  • Telegram
  • Discord

Do not underestimate any social media platforms; there are many active SEO groups in a telegram, which keeps on giving tips and tricks to perform better in SEO.

Mostly, Twitter is the first platform, which always gets the Google update flashed in its message board. If you are following Twitter, you will get # (hashtags) on SEO new updates within a few minutes.

Alternately you can check big groups on Facebook for exact Google update and how they effect on ranking.

4. Check competitors’ website

For better result, you need to check a competitor’s website analysis. You need to check backlinks, on page SEO, off page SEO, link velocity, PBN used, and many other ranking factors.

If you are not doing competitors website analysis, then you will miss out the opportunity of outranking him. As you need to follow the competitor’s website, which is on no1 in your niche.

5. Subscribe to different SEO website

To keep a tab on the latest SEO trends, you need to subscribe to all SEO related website. These websites will send you newsletters when any new topic gets included in the blog.

This is a great strategy as this will save time to go and check manually to the website for any new article. We recommend using newsletters for all SEO related website for new information.

Final words

Now a day’s information is key, so you need to appraise with all the latest happening around the world. You need to keep a tab on SEO trends and other Google updates to keep your website safe from updates. We hope that this SEO article will help you update with the latest SEO trends.

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