Awesome Tips before you Install Gaming Software

Checklist Before Installing Game

Are you looking to play Apex Legend Game in your PC?

Installing latest version game in your PC seems to quite a difficult task if your PC has old Configuration. Today we will give you tips and advice to install new games in your old PC or with lower configuration.

Always remember, your PC should have at least 1GB GPU (graphics processor unit) to play any new game.

But if you could not afford a new graphics card, then you can use these tips to install and play new games in your old PC.

5 Checklist Before Installing Game

1. Get latest PC Drives

One of the important points which you can ascertain is to make your PC Drives up to date. This also ensures, all your graphics cards get latest update drivers including your Operation System.

Please make sure that your Operating System (Windows, MAC or Linux) is running with all latest updates and patches. These will ensure any configuration issue between the game repository and OS.

Ensure your Operation System has the auto-update features active and make sure that your PC got the latest patch push by the manufacturer.

You also need to make sure that you have updated your Third-party graphics Card which is present in your PC. To update your Graphics Cards, you need to go to the Manufacturer website and update your drives.

2.Uninstall unused software from PC

One of the main problems faced for installing the new game in the old PC is space constraints. You need to uninstall all unused or useless software and games from your PC to install a new Game.

Uninstalling unused software also ensure, lower load on your PC as this software or games keeps on running in the background hogging CPU assets.

Uninstall all software which you have never used in the past 06 months to give your PC burden free.

If any software or game are not getting uninstall then use CCleaner or Revo uninstaller pro .

3. Clear all Junks from your HDD

One of the biggest problems faced during installation of new games is the space requirement, which can be solved by cleaning all junk files and folders.

You need to check all your drives and keep on uninstalling all the junk files and folder present in your PC. Do not keep 100 GB of courses or material in your HDD which you have never seen in your life.

All most all-new game requires more than 20 GB free space to start the installation process. So, keep at least 50 GB free space in your C:/ or installation folder to install new game hassle free.

4. Perform System File Check

Before you start installing any new game, make it mandatory, and perform system file check of your system.

System File Check will ensure that your HDD is in great shape apart from all your file system are intact.

Many times, it happens that after installing a new game, your sound system will not work or your PC will face some problem.

To avoid that problem, you need to perform system file check by issuing a command of SFC /Scannow in the Command window.

5. Perform Defragmentation for a smoother experience

Defragmentation ensures smoother gaming experience if you are installing a new game or have to install any game, then please complete Defragmentation.

Defragmentation ensures that all your memory blocks which are scattered around the Hard disk are gathered in consecutive blocks. This operation ensures that the PC will issue less resource with fetching all the memory blocks in HDD, ensuring faster operation.

Final words

There are many finer points which you can also implement before you install a new game in your PC,

  • Ensure You have created Restore Point before installing games
  • Open up your cabinet and ensure the cleanliness of your PC
  • Ensure your PC is getting enough airflow for cooling purpose
  • Ensure your SMPS is clean and running well

We hope you will keep all these tips in mind before you install a new game in your Old PC.

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