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shadow fight 3 tips and tricks

Are you searching for Shadow Fight 3 tips and tricks?

Shadow Fight 3 is modern-day samurai duel with 3D graphics, awesome physics and animation game.

You can play Shadow Fight 3 game on iOS and Android platform.

With realistic gameplay and strategic maneuvering, you can master Shadow fight 3 games with few days.

Check out our 12 Awesome tips and ticks on Shadow Fight 3 to stay ahead of the competition.

Top 12 Shadow Fight 3 Tips And Tricks

1. Know your Character and weapon

Shadow Fight 3 has many different characters, and you should be familiar with them before you take part in Shadow Fight 3.

Before you take part in the storyline or online duel, take time and check your character and weapon.

There are many weapons which have special power attached to them, and you should know when to use these weapons.

You need to check all skill or abilities you are going to attach with your game character.

Check all the game gear including shields and weapons and their corresponding power to get combos during the duel or game.

2. Learn All Combos

One of the biggest challenges in Shadow Fight 3 is to learn different combos.

Now, combos are special moves which you need to learn as these will give you a winning edge against any opponent.

Many special moves can be attached with your weapon or gear, and you need to unlock them by using cards.

You can use these special moves in combat if you are using that weapon or gear.

Many times, combos will pop up during duel or fight to give you a clear picture, how to use them.

Use combos and defect your enemy with a single blow or unleash a reckless attack on your enemy.

3. Practice to Master all Moves

Shadow Fight 3 is a game of skills, abilities, and use of combos.

Practice all your moves and sills with your weapon, as every weapon has different fighting skills.

You need to practice hard with your weapon and horn your skills before you plunge into the storyline or enter an online duel.

Go to training and practice your combos and moves with Gizmo and horn your skills.

4. Correct your Time of Attacks

Timing is everything; you can defeat any powerful opponent if you time your attack.

Shadow fight 3 is a game of skill and particle, do not bombard your enemy with unnecessary blows and kicks. You need to wait for the correct  moment when you can strike your enemy with full potential.

Wait for the correct moment, like when your enemy has just finished his strike and then attack with your special combos to take down his character.

Always read your enemy moves and stay alert to launch your attack when your enemy has lowered his guard.

5. Upgrade your Gear

One of the mistake novice players does not upgrade their weapon or gear. Do not wait for anything big to happen; keep on upgrading your weapon and gear on a regular basis.

Shadow Fight 3 gears upgrade

When you are on the storyline, your opponent will gain more power and will be equipped with better shields. To compete with them, you need to purchase or upgrade your weapon.

Keep on upgrading or swapping new weapon to stay ahead of your competition. Do not play with the default weapon and shield which will be obsolete within a few duels.

6. Use Special power call Shadow Energy

Every character in Shadow Fight 3 has some special power known as Shadow energy. Which can be activated when your energy bar is full.

Shadow energy is special energy which can cause greater damage to the enemy when activated.

Shadow energy bar line is located beneath the health bar line and can be activated when it becomes full.

You should always use special power as this may help you win your duel, make sure to use these powers in Round 2 so that you can finish the game with ease.

7. Try to be Unpredictable

Shadow Fight 3 is a game of predicting your opponent moves and staying away from it.

If you want to succeed in Shadow Fight 3, then you need to be unpredictable in your moves. Always remember, the opponent also calculate your combos or moves before he will attack your character.

So, to avoid it, you need to unpredictable with your combos and moves, do not repeat combos more than one. Stays unpredictable to your enemy, so that he cannot make any strategy to avoid your attack.

Keep on experimenting new combos or moves to baffle your enemy and keep on predicting your enemy next moves.

8. Block Enemy Attack by Standing Still

When you are starting the game, always try to get the feel of the enemy and try to block his attack by standing still.

Remember, if you are standing still in the game, you have a better position to block an enemy attack. You can also calculate how your enemy moves and unleash counterattack after blocking his attack.

One of the weak points of your enemy is when he has attacked your character, and your character has successfully blocked his attack.

That is the crucial time, which you can use to lease your attack, as the enemy character will take some time to attack again. At this very moment, you need to strike hard with your game character.

Shadow fight 3 is not a game of attack only; it is a game of skill and power; you can defeat the enemy with a stronger power than your character with tactical moves.

Use defense position when you need to gather your shadow power or when you have strike hard on the enemy.

9. Get Chest by Participating in Duel

If you need one Pro tips for Shadow Fight 3, then it will be “Participate in an online duel.”

Now, participating online for any duel will fetch you with a chest which can contain game goodies such as a weapon, equipment or other game items.

shadow fight 3 chests

If you keep on participating online, then you can horn your fighting skill for your game characters.

Participating online duel also ensure that you will get to know how your opponent fights and what are their special movies.

You can copy those moves and use them in other online duel or fights.

Do not hesitate to enter online duel as this will also give you a clear picture of your game character strength and powers.

10. Participate in Game events to get Game goodies

There are many game events which keep on rolling every month in Shadow Fight 3. If you want to get some cool game goodies of game equipment, then you should participate in these events.

Events can be the monthly basis or seasonal basis, where you need to complete the different task every day to take part in the events.

You will be awarded game weapons along with game equipment for your efforts. One of the best methods to earn some game goodies is to participate in monthly events.

Do not miss these in-game events like these will provide you with unique rewards, which can help you in your journey.

11. Follow Story Line and keep upgrading your Character abilities

One of the best parts of Shadow Fight 3 is when you will travel around the whole map. You will be visiting spectacular places and will be part of great new stories.

All your journey and progress will be rewarded in the form of game goodies and upgradation of your character.

You will also receive character abilities and skills which will help you defect many new enemies. With new character abilities and skills, you need to practice all the new combos, as this will give you a clear edge over online enemies.

 12. Complete Small Quest and gain Game goodies

You can gain game goodies when you complete small Quest which will pop up along with your journey.

Try to complete all the Quest when you are playing the storyline. The quest can give you different weapon and equipment which will help you in an online duel.

Remember, when you complete all these Quests, your game character also increase its power. Your game character power and weapon upgradation depend on these small Quest which can give them an essential boost.

About  Shadow Fight 3 Game


  • Realistic Physics with 3D animation
  • You can combine 3-different unique fighting skills in the game
  • You can gather tons of weapons and equipment’s
  • Use special Shadow powers to change the game
  • Follow the storyline and get bonus
  • Complete Quests to gain weapons and other game goodies
  • Participate in Game events and win exclusive prizes
  • Win the online duel and place yourself in top-100 leader board

 Online dual mode is not balanced properly. You m


  • You may land up against a very strong or weak opponent
  • Upgrading requires real money, and they are very costly
  • All most all players in the leader board are a heavy spender
  • In online duel many times, games got struck and throw an error while fighting

Final words

If you love ninjas fighting with their legendary swords, then you definitely love shadow fight 3 games.

We have summaries best tips and tricks of shadow fight 3 games with pro and cons. You are welcome to comment below for any new tips and tricks which we might have missed.

We hope that if you follow these tips and tricks in shadow fight 3, then you will be invincible in your duel fight.

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