How To Promote an Android App In Google Play Store?

All most 65% of the world population has mobile phones, and 70% of them are Smartphone, which means if you make any apps for mobile, you can reach those million of the user free of charge.

One of the biggest players of mobile Apps is Google Play Store, which has a market share of over 86.2%. Now if you make any game for the Google Play store, you can get a free audience of over 400 Million.

How To Effectively Promote an App in Google Play Store?

We have summarized some of the working methods which you can implement in promoting your android App in Google play store.

1. Follow this checklist when you list your App in Play Store

One of the first thing which user notice in the Google Play store is your game icon and bio. If you fail to impress the audience in the first look, then consider your game to be doomed in the sea of Google apps. You need to check all the biggest grossing android apps in your category for their icon, video, keywords, and bio. If you fail anyone in it, consider bad days for your apps. We have made some checklist which you need to consider before you want to promote the game in Google Play Store.

Checklist for app promotion in Google Play Store

Follow this checklist when you list your App in Play Store

  • App Name
  • App Icon
  • App Description
  • Keywords
  • Screenshot of the app
  • Engaging Video
  • App Website
  • Social media account
  • Social proof (testimonials, user reviews, and awards)
  • Press Kit
  • Call-to-action mailing list
  • Privacy policy, Terms of service, Parent’s Guide
  • Additional information (current version, updated, size, Installs, Require Android, content Rating, Permission, In-app product prices, develop full details)

Let’s check all the points in details to know what you need to expect when you are going to promote your game in Google Play.

  1. App Name

App name is the most important factor in deciding the outcome of the fate of your app in the Google Play store. You should keep the app name simple with keyword stuff or put at least in the same category in which your apps belong. For example, “Instagram Downloader,” in this the app clearly states that it belongs to the Instagram category and it will provide fee photo downloader.

Now check this app name, it is made with the keyword “Instagram Downloader” and falls into the category of Instagram, so choosing keyword rich app name help in the long run.

  1. App Icon

Always make App Icon Attractive and relevant to Game; many things are needed to consider in making a beautiful app. Some of them are as follows

  • Decide to make app icon with one game character or multiple
  • Make app icon relevant to the game (for example if you are promoting puzzle app then do not put clash of the clan-like icon)
  • Make the app Icon design consistent with the game theme
  • Do not put any copyright picture into your Game icon
  • Do not put any other game icon with some effects; these cheap tricks will attract DMCA notice to your game.
  • App Icon should be clearly visible and should clearly give the game theme message
  • Everything depends on app Icon and Apps name, so pay attention to these things first
  • Take services from professional App Icon designer to make an impact on users
  1. App Description

Second most important thing after app name and icon is App description. You have to describe your product in 4000 words and write the main details in 167 characters because these many characters are always visible to the users. There are many things which you need to consider before writing for your app description

  • Write intruding 4000 characters in your description
  • Write good info around 167 words as these are visible in the bio
  • Add features about the apps or games
  • Write small storyline in the begging of the app to take user attention
  • Add at least five time your main Keywords in the App description
  • Try to intergrade different LSI keywords in the bio to get more search result
  • Try to give everything in points which helps the user to understand better
  1. Keywords

Depending on your niche you need to choose the current keywords. Keywords are always chosen on Relevancy, Competition, search volume and category. You need to target those keywords which are in your app category, which has high volume with low competition.

  1. Screenshot of the app

You all know “a picture speaks more than words,” so you need to put some feature Graphics and an expressive screenshot of the game to get user attention. The user always checks all the screenshot of the app or game to know what they are about to get from this app. So, all you need to do is to make an engaging screenshot of the game or app and make the uses craved for the app.

  1. Engaging Video

One of the biggest and important deciding factors for any game or app nowadays is engaging video. We have seen many times that video is totally misleading, they will show some great animation about any game, but when you install them, you will find it was different as what shown in the video.

Avoid these types of cheap tricks; these tricks are done mostly by big games companies to promote their game. Do not fell on these check traps and make a good video but do not mislead the audience.

  1. App Website

You need to make a good website which will contain apps and other product with some press release and another important announcement. Always remember, App website is not the deciding factor for any app install, but nowadays many users first visit the app website to see what kind of other product app developer has showcased on their website.

  1. Social media account

Make social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, VK, which will also help you promote your apps in those platforms. You will get many visitors from these platforms who will install your app. So, keep that in mind and make some social media account for your new app.

  1. Social proof (testimonials, user reviews, and awards)

You need to put some social proof like testimonials and user reviews for your apps. Now if your apps are not good users will give you less start on the rating of five. You need to promptly answer those dissatisfy uses and make them consider the rating again. Always remember, the visitor will look for the star rating and user review before downloading any app.

  1. Press Kit

If you have any press meet regarding your app, then you can showcase it on the press kit or on your website.

  1. Call-to-action mailing list

Make a call-to-action mailing list so that all the user who need some gift or game items can be alerted before the events start. This will also build your relationship with the customers, and they will start trusting you.

  1. Privacy policy, Terms of service, Parent’s Guide

These are the mandatory page which every app developer has to put in apps description.

Additional information (current version, updated, size, Installs, Require Android, content Rating, Permission, In-app product prices, develop full details)

You need to fill all this additional information regarding your app, which will help the user to decide if they want to install your app or not.

2. Put some blog article on your app website

You need to constantly update your blog on your apps or game for the latest announcement, press release, new updates, new character, new events, new VIP passes or any other competition.

Visitors are always hungry for the latest information; if they did not check their mail, then they can log in into the app and get all the latest information. So, keep updating your app and blog articles in your website.

3. Get your App reviews by Big websites

Get mobile app reviews

Your apps will get a boost when they get reviewed by a big website which has a huge audience. Choose your app relevant websites and tell them to review your app; you can also give money to review your app.

Bloggers who are constantly searching for the new apps can be contracted to get paid reviews on your app.

Final words

So, these are the method to promote a game in Play store with all the pro tips you need and the checklist for your new app.

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