iTunes Gift Cards vs. Google Play Gift Cards vs. Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards vs google play gift cards vs itunes gift cards

iTunes Gift Cards

iTunes is the official Virtual currency holder Card by which you can purchase over 50 Million songs from Apple Music, get access to millions of apps from Apple App Store, get hundreds of Apple Books and get all those latest TV shows and movies from iTunes Store.

There is three Type of Gift Card which presently Apple providers to its uses. These are

  • Apple Store Gift Cards
  • App Store & iTunes Gift Cards
  • Apple Music Gift Cards

How these Gift Cards are different from each other and how you can recognize them?

Apple Store Gift Cards

Apple Store Gift Cards are the basic Cards which are Solid Gray sometimes it may be white, silver and gold also in the front side. These can be redeeming and can be used in Apple Online Store or Apple Retail Store. You should check the back side of these Gift Cards for these three things

  • Apple Official link to check Gift Cards balance
  • Text which clearly states that these cards can be used in Apple Online Store or Retail Store and it cannot be redeemed on iTunes Store.
  • Customer Care Phone Number

App Store & iTunes Gift Cards

You can recognize these Gift Cards as Apple Logo on a blue background on the front; these gift cards can be used in iTunes Store, Apple Books or App Store. You will find these instructions on the back of the Gift Card

  • Apple Official website where you can redeem your Gift Card
  • Text instruction which tells you where you can use these Gift Card credit
    • Apps
    • Games
    • Music
    • Movies
    • TV Shows
    • Books
    • iCloud
  • Apple Support link where you can check other details here

Apple Music Gift Cards

Apple Gift Cards are unique Gift Cards which are made only for the Apple Music membership. You can find the big logo of Apple with Music written on the Front of these Gift Cards. These Gift Cards can be used to start a new membership or to pay current Apple Music Membership. These instructions you will find at the back of the Gift Card

  • Website link where you can redeem your Gift Card Credits
  • Text with instruction where you can use these credits like Apple Music Subscription, Apps, Movies, games.
  • Website link to

Google Play Gift Cards

Google Play Gift Cards are virtual currency holder for purchasing items on Google Play Store. You can buy a variety of items by using these Gift Cards, some of the items which you can purchase from Google Gift Cards are given below

  • Books available on Google Play
  • Games available on Google Play
  • Movies & TV available on Google Play
  • Music available on Google Play
  • Newsstand items available on Google Play
  • Google Games in-app purchase

As you all know Google Play Store host more than 3.5 Million Apps, with numerous other items such as Music, Movies and Tv Serial, all these items can be purchased using Google Play Gift Card Credit.

There are many benefits while using Google Play Gift Cards credit, some of them are as follows

  • You can negate the Credit Card Usage by using Google Gift Card
  • You can gift someone these Credit Card and receive also
  • All you Google Gift Card credits can be used for purchasing all virtual items
  • With Google Gift Card, your payment will be faster and more secure
  • You can use these Google Gift Card credit longer time in the account

You can check our guide on how to get free Google Play Gift cards

Amazon Gift Cards

Like iTunes and Google Gift Cards, Amazon also has its range of gift cards which can be used for purchasing a different kind of items on Amazon Shop. One of the most interesting things of Amazon Gift Cards is they can be used to shop different brands other than Amazon products, Unlike Google and iTunes where you need to use them on their respective stores. Amazon did not have that compulsion to spend only on certain brands.

You can purchase any items present in the Amazon Online Store by using these Gift Cards.  Amazon Gift Cards are the most sought-after gift card after iTunes as you have a variety of choice to purchase such as all physical items and all virtual items present in the Amazon Store.

You can even purchase Amazon Prime membership with these Gift Cards credits.

Final words

You can use all these Gift Cards for purchasing your favorite items from their respective stores. Gift Cards are wonderful digital cards which hold money in their denomination, and you can use them securely and fast.

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