How To Play Android Games On Smart TV

Are you looking for a solution to play Android Games on Smart TV?

Well, then you can look for Chromecast apps which are now industry standard for streaming any games on Smart TV. Check your Smart TV for Chromecast; all most every Smart TV nowadays have Chromecast installed in it to get a connection from different devices.

You need to pair your Android or iOS devices to your Smart TV by using the Chromecast app, and it will start displaying all the games on your Smart TV.

Requirements for Chromecast to play games on Android?

As Chromecast is software to get streaming media to display on Smart TV, it has some requirement which you need to fulfill before you can use it.

  1. Chromecast built in Smart TV
  2. Android Device with version 4.1 or above
  3. Android Device should use the or same wi-fi network as Smart TV. It should be easily accessible when to search by Smart TV
  4. You should have an updated version of the Google Home app on your Smartphone
  5. Games or apps which you want to run on Smart TV.
  6. Resolution setting on your Smart TV
  7. Plug-and-Play function on your Smart TV
  8. Smart TV should easily identify the Smartphone when the search mode is on.
  9. You need to pair between these two devices by giving some code or password
  10. Chromecast works on Wi-Fi so, make sure you were within your Wi-Fi range when you paired your games on Chromecast.

Why is Chromecast better than Android Screen Cast?

Android Screencast is also similar service like Chromecast which mirror your Smartphone display and audio to the Smart TV through Chromecast.

So, what is the difference, and which screen cast is better between these two?  

Chromecast is the industry standard when it comes to mirroring games on Smart TV; you can find many fundamentally difference between Chromecast and Android Screencast.

  1. Android Screen Cast only mirror the display on your Smart TV with some latency, and you can find many times, your Android device will play as a Game controller. For example, in many games you will not able to watch your weapon on time or opponent will surprise you when they come in front of you, this is known as a split-screen view.
  2. In Chromecast, games which are made epically for streaming or cast-ready games only can be used, whereas in Android screen mirroring all available apps or games in Google Play store can be used.
  3. Chromecast uses fewer resources, and you will never experience lag or buffer when you play multi-player games on your smart TV. But in case of Android screencast, you might get lag and buffering issue on your network.
  4. Chromecast has better resolution and better FPS then Android ScreenCast.

How to connect Chromecast from mobile devices to Smart TV and play a game?

To initiate games on Smart TV using Chromecast from Android device you can follow these steps.

1: Make sure Chromecast is available on Smart TV

Before you start steaming your game on Smart TV, you need to ensure that Chromecast is available on Smart TV. Check your Smart TV setting and find Chromecast or Google Cast. Similar to this you have to check for the Cast in your Smartphone. If you do not find any screen cast app, then you can install the Google Home app from Google Play store and setup a device using this guide.

chromecast screen casting setup

2: Open any latest Android game

Launch any new Android game on your Smartphone, after you start your game. All most all the latest games on Google Play store has cast icon on it. Also remember, your Android mobile should be above Android Jelly Bean 4.1 or above. If you are using any below version of 4.1 Android, then Chromecast may be function well.

3: Tap Cast Icon on Android Device

Click on the cast icon which will be present on the main dashboard of your Android Phone. It will show the option of Chromecast which you need to tap to discover another Chromecast device.

4: Paired your Chromecast devices

After you connect your Smartphone cast, open your Smart TV and open Chromecast. Both these devices will be paired with the same password at the time of pairing.

5: Enjoy Android Games on Smart TV

You can now watch games on your Smart TV using Chromecast. Just check for display, volume, resolution, FPS, and another setting from your Smart TV Chromecast.

Final words

Chromecast is a good solution when you want to play games on Big Smart TV, but it will give you some latency when you go for the Multiplayer Royal Battle game.

If you are playing PUBG, Fortnite or Garena free fire, then you will get some buffer or latency as these games have huge graphics which need good GPU to process with good internet speed. If you are playing a standalone game like Angry bird or cut the rope or Candy Crush, then you can rely on Chromecast for good display and performance.

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