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Nintendo Emulator for PC in 2022

Best 5 Nintendo emulator For PC

If you are an old school timer then you will never forget old games like “Mario’ or “The Legend of Zelda” or “Mega Man”, and if you still wish to play those game on your PC or laptop then there is happy news for you, all Nintendo Games can be played using software called Emulator.

Welcome to the world of emulator where you can play all NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) with these little pieces of software effortlessly. We have tested more than 26 Emulator present and found these emulators working best among those tested.

We encourage you to try these different emulators and give us feedback on their performance.

What is Emulator Software?

According to Wikipedia “ in Computing, an emulator is a piece of software or hardware which make host computer emulate the behavior of different computer system call the guest.”

In a null set, “your computer will get all the capability of another system by installing this software or hardware in your system.”

So, when you install these NES emulators, it will create an environment of the 8-bit processor with 16 KB of RAM and will run all the games which were built to run on these platforms.

Best 5 Nintendo Emulator For PC

  1. FCEUX

One of the best NES emulators which are available online is FSEUX emulator, which is known as “all in one” emulator as, it supports NES, Famicom, and Dendy, emulator. It supports various Modes such as NTSC, PAL and NTSC-PAL hybrid.

It also has tools which can be used in debugging, map making, Lua programming language scripting, and Tool-assisted movies. You can use this software in your system for emulating all games of NES.

Latest Stable Version of FCEUX is 2.2.3, and it was released on 28 July 2016. You can use this software on Windows PC and Linux PC. (Mac not supported)

Download FCEUX from here


One of the best emulators which work effortlessly in Windows PC is Nintendulator, which has tested through time and keep on updating its core programming to give NES simulation effortlessly.

Nintendulator is an Open Source program which is written in C++ programming language, and the latest stable version was on 01 Jan 2019 with version 0.980. It has the support of a variety of file format such as.NES, UNIF, NFS, and FDS. You can also get a variety of support such as a game genie, support for four players playing simultaneously.

Download Nintendulator from here

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  1. MESEN (NES and Famicom Emulator)

If any emulator can give competition to Nintendulator emulator, then it must be MESEN emulator. During our testing, we find out that there are many categories in which MESEN outplay Nintendulator. One of the best emulators in the industry which keep on updating and improving over its previous version.

MESEN support almost all games of NES and has supported more than 290 mappers which include licensed games of NES. It has many unique features which help it for the accurate emulation. Some of the features are as follows

  • Very accurate in emulation
  • High Compatibility – support more than 290 mappers
  • Support various format including NES, Famicom, Dendy, NSF, VS system
  • Have support for save states, Movie/ Audio Recording, Overclocking
  • Support various video/ audio effects
  • Support netplay, IPS/BPS patch and automatic update

Latest Stable version is 0.9.7, and it was released on 16 Sep 2018. Support Windows and Linux system.

Download MESEN form here


Nestopia UE is the best emulator when it comes for support all kind of platform; it has been developed by game enthusiast and emulator community and hail as the portable emulator. Nestopia UE has been developed for emulating NES/Famicom and was writing in C++ programming language.

It supports all kind of platform such as

  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Windows OS
  • FreeBSD
  • OpenBSD
  • NetBSD

Nestopia UE has support for almost all Linux distro such as Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Slackware, Void Linux and many more.

You can play end number of the game if you install this portable emulator in your system. You can download NESTOPIA UE from here.

  1. ROCKNES (with eagle mode enable)

RockNES is designed to emulate NES games effortlessly and with great accuracy. If you are using RockNES emulator to play games, then you must enable eagle mode which is unique to only RockNES, when you enable this mode your game will look better on your emulator PC.

Although there will be little speed problem if your PC is old as compared to other emulator if your PC is above Pentium 2 and has RAM of more than 1GB. You will not  notice any difference in the game speed.

We recommend this emulator if you want to play NES game in your windows PC as this emulator support only Windows OS.

Download RockNES emulator from here.

Final words

So, these are the top 5 Nintendo emulator of 2020 which you can try on your PC or laptop and play all Nintendo games. We have done an extensive test on all available emulator present in the market, but we did not find more accurate and better than these emulators. We encourage you to use these emulators and tell us which emulator you think should be best.

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