Magoshare Data Recovery Software Review

Magoshare Data recovery review

Looking for recovery of accidental data in your PC?

Well, many times it may happen that you accidentally deleted your precious data or accidental your HDD got damaged. Now, it may happen that you find it quite difficult to get your data back.

But if you are using Magoshare Data Recovery Software, it is a matter of few clicks and you will be getting your precious data back. So, let check what is Magoshare Data Recovery Software and how we can use it to get our deleted data back.

What you can expect from Magoshare Data Recovery Software?

As the name indicate Magoshare Data Recovery Software, recover your deleted data and other files.

  • Recover files which are accidental deleted
  • Recovers files which are deleted by virus or malware
  • Recovers files which are erased
  • Recovers logically error files
  • Recovers partition files (for safe boot)
  • Recovers files which were present before HDD was formatted (works only on windows partition)
  • Recovers data from USB drives, digital devices and another storing device
  • It can recover Images, videos, audio, documents, pdf and log files

Features of Magoshare Data Recovery Software

Magoshare Data Recovery Software has many features which makes this software unique among other data recovery software.

Data Recovery:

Magoshare Software is industry leader when it comes to data recovery from any PC. It works efficiently in Windows platform as well as Mac. You can also recover data of your iPhone mobile using this software. It will recover any types of data like audio, video, documents or logs.

Data Recovery on Pen Drive:

One of the best features of this software is to recover data of Pen drive. Now Pen drive is external device and it data gets frequently deleted when we use it on different PC. You can expect to recover any data in your Pen drive using this software.

Date Recovery after Virus Attack:

many times, it happens that virus or any malicious trojan gets inside our HDD and destroy all data. You can safely recover all your data using Magoshare software.

Data Recovery during Disk Malfunction:

Many times, you HDD (hard Disk) gets damage and all your precious data get struck in the HDD. You can use this software and get back your precious data.

Data Recovery after your Format your Drive:

If you, accidental format any drive of your PC, then also you can recover whole data using Magoshare software. Now that a unique feature which will help you recovering the whole data within matter of hours.

Partition Data of any PC:

One of the greater challenges faces by any recovery software is to recover partition data. Partition data is necessary for the booting of the computer, and it is very sensitive. Any virus attack or malicious code execution can damage the partition data, which can result in computer reboot unconditionally. You can now recover you partition data using Magoshare software and rectify the fault.

Data Recover of iPhone:

One of the latest features of Magoshare is to recover any iPhone Mobile using windows PC or Mac PC. You can now safely get back all your data which you have deleted or accidentally gets deleted in iPhone.

Data Recover of log files:

These features are a lifesaver for Network administrator, as he can analysis any logs which can trace back to breaking attempt to servers or PC of its network. Magoshare can help to recover all logs which may be deleted by virus or malware attack.

How to Use Magoshare Data Recovery to recover data?

Magoshare Data Recovery has a very easy interface which anyone can use to get his deleted data. But if you want some help then follow these steps to recover data

  • Install the Magoshare Data Recovery Software in your PC
  • Now Open your Megashare Software to start the recovery process
  • Connect an external device, if you want to recover any data from it
  • Locate the drive or external device, for which you want to recover your data
  • Click on the “Scan” button present in the dashboard to start the process

Magoshare Scan process

  • After the scanning ends, all your lost files will be group under three categories
    • Type
    • Path
    • Time
  • Now click on the file you want to recover and click on “Recover Now” button
  • You can also define a path for the recovery files will take when they are fully recovered
  • You can also download the recover files to your HDD
  • Very easy interface and very effective if you use it properly

Price of Magoshare Data Recovery Software

Magoshare data Recovery Software is very affordable, and it has a tailor-made price list for all its customers.

magoshare pricing

  • A one-year license is $49.95
  • The lifetime license is $69.95
  • Data recovery for Enterprise is $299.00

You can also get a big discount if you are a student or teacher.

Advantages of Magoshare Data Recovery

There are many advantages of using Magoshare data recovery, some of them are as follows

  • Recover critical data without any fail
  • Keeps a record of every data available in your PC
  • Provides security by encryption of data
  • Checks data integrity and stops data getting deleted

What type of OS being supported by Magoshare Data Recovery Software?

Magoshare data recovery Software is supported by these Operation System.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10
  • MAC

Note: Magoshare data recovery software is not supported for Linux OS

Final words

If you are looking for affordable data recovery solution for your PC, then you can rely on Magoshare Data Recovery Software. It can recover all your accidental data files within no time.

If you are a student or teacher, you can avail a discount of 40% for a lifetime license.

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