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Last Day on Earth: Survival Guide Tips And Strategy That Work

last day on earth tips tricks and strategy

Buckle up your seatbelt and get ready for an epic journey of infected Zombies. You are about to play the most innovative game of 2017 according to Google Play. We are talking about “Last Day on Earth Survival.“ This game has created so many ripples in the game industry that it has now more than 25 million installs worldwide in Google Play itself.

Discover the land which time forget, which is infested with Zombies and wild animals. You are the last hope of humankind; you have to build a house, train a dog and kill zombies to survive the harsh reality of Zombie land.

According to the gameplay, in 2027 a deadly plague virus infection has spread across the whole world, which has wiped out more than 80% of the world population. You with some other survivor are left in the jungle, with one broken car and nothing to eat.

Now, from here your ordeal begins, there is no information available in the game how to survive. There is no daily task or free spin or gifts in the game. You need to survive without anything; you need to acquire skills to create a house and other items which will help you in your journey.

So, here are top 10 tips which will make your journey better in Last day on earth survival.

Tip 1 # Gather to survive

When the game starts, you will be standing near wreckage car in your underpants. You need to first check the inventory present in the wreckage car. Equip yourself with the knife provided in the car and start your journey.

You need to gather pine logs, limestone, and berry to survive the first hours. Berry is used to killing your hunger and thirst. Fill up your pocket with berry and put them back in car wreckage inventory at the beginning of the game.

Pine logs are used to create a house, and we recommend you to make at least 3×3 or 4×4 house in the beginning to prevent zombies and wild animal attack.

 Tip 2 # Make House

The next important thing you should do is to build a house for yourself. You should consider making 3×3 or 4×4 type house at the beginning of the game. Do not worry; you can later make it big and stronger using a different material. House is the essential part of survival in the Last day of earth survival. It can be made with pine logs which you get by gathering or cutting pine trees.

For making the house, you need first to make base then you can add walls to it, so keep that in mind, or you will not be able to make any house.

Tip 3 # Make Basic crafting items for survival

Before you venture outside or think to do anything else, you need to craft basic items which include three things

  • Hatchet
  • Pickaxe
  • Primary weapon

Hatchet is used to cut trees, which will give you pine logs, these pine logs are used to make a house. Pickaxe is used to cut limestone deposit and iron deposit. Primary weapon is made up of wood; you need this one to kill zombies, wild animal, and other surviving people. Always keep pine logs and limestone in deposit so that you can make your basic gathering tools and avoid mod apk files. These tools have some life, and after that, they will get a break, so use this tool in a judicial way to survive long.

Tip 4 # Where is water in last day on earth survival?

One of the most difficult things in last day on earth survival is to find water to quench your thirst. You will be getting three bottles of water every day in your inbox message. You have to click on the Gold icon present on your dashboard. After that you need to click on inbox icon, check your daily message and you will find 3 bottles of water along with some can food is present there.

Tip 5 # Make boxes to store items

So, you are pulling everything right, but where to store all the goodies you have looted or gather in last day on earth survival. For this purpose, you need to build a box, and it should be placed inside your home. Do not place box outside your house or it may get looted by other surviving players.

Tip 6 # kill zombies and wild animal

last day on earth- zombie tips


You need to clear your area first, kill all the zombies and wild animal present in the area. A wild animal like a wolf will attack you and try to kill you, whereas, hunt deer to get some exotic raw meat or burn it on the campfire to eat some delicacy.

Tip 7 # First visit outside is for plane wreckage loot.

Whenever you are ready to venture outside world, your first venture will be on the airplane wreckage. Go there and take everything which you can find necessary for survival. You will get your first cloth and gun on this plane wreckage. You will also receive many bottles of water, take all the goodies with your and come back and place them in your box.

Tip 8 # Practice stealth mode in the fight

There are many situations when you need to go into stealth mode to kill zombies or to kill animals or other surviving humans. You need to practice stealth mode much time to make it perfect. It will help you in killing deer, as they always run away from you when you approach near them.

Tip 9 # Use Guns judicially

Do not use guns in the initial days; keep it for other times when you will be advanced to higher levels. Guns also have some period after that it will disappear; it depends on the ammunition when you are out in ammunition your gun will disappear.

Tip 10 # Loots other people bases for survival

You need to loot other people base for goodies which will help you in your survival. You should always take a gun with yourself when you raid other people base. Try to look for water bottles as those are the precious items which you should have more in number.

Final words

Well, these are the top 10 tips which will help in your endeavor in last day on earth: survival. You should always consider using weapon and bag with you to carry loot items when you raid another player base.

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