KeepSolid Business VPN Review : Things To Know

KeepSolid business vpn review

If you are a big businessman or if you are working in the IT department, one thing which you need to ensure is Data Protection and Integrity.

With Cybercrime and Company Espionage on the rise, your company needs end-to-end protection to your system and servers. As you all know, Firewall plays good protection when it comes to protecting website and servers.

But it did not provide protection to channel build between your computer to company servers. For addressing this problem, we need Good Private VPN which provide encrypted communication between servers and computes.

Business is growing from local to global, many times your employs are residing away in different country or city. To communicate between then, you need a solid encryption method which is provided by VPN.

There are two types of VPN available right now,

  • Public VPN (Nord VPN)
  • Private VPN

Public VPN

Public VPN is that VPN which IP is used by many people, and this VPN keep on hiding the IP address. Public VPN also provides good encryption as 256Bit, and it is very hard to crack.

Private VPN

Private VPN is similar to Public VPN but has dedicated IPs chunks for small business and are faster than Public VPN. Private VPN comes with many additional features such as Dedicated support manager and Cloud-based security to protect client data. These are costlier than Public VPN and are extensively used by Company only.

Business VPN by KeepSolid Review

Business VPN is developed by KeepSolid, which has more than 05 years of experience in corporate security. Business VPN, like other Private VPN, is used to provide security for end-to-end encryption to communication channel.

Business VPN is a one-point solution for security on eve dropping or taking communication down by any malware or virus.

Business VPN can prevent 75% data leakage from malware, virus, or trojan attack on the communication channel.

No one can take over the communication channel as it is encrypted with 256Bit encryption.

Note: To secure servers, you need to have a Firewall, UTM (hardware Firewall), Antivirus, and VPN to protect end-to-end communication. VPN alone cannot guarantee the prevention of intrusion and hacking.

Why Should You Choose Business VPN by KeepSolid?

There are many Private VPN which provides good services for any business firm, but Business VPN has many other features which are worth to look after

Corporate Data Protection

One of the biggest challenges in online Business is data protection and integrity. If you are using Business VPN, you can expect the Military-grade encryption system for your data.

Business VPN protects Corporate data including client’s data, online organization data with 100% protection for online Traffic.

Employees can use this secure communication from anywhere in the world and can rely on the 100% secure data protection.

Secure Remote Collaboration

All the channel used for communication is secure with Military-grade encryption system. which means your telecommuters can use these services to access VPN serves and unlimited bandwidth.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

You can use Business VPN to Bypass geo-restrictions or access online tool even if they are restricted in your location. Like Google is Ban in China, but if your employees are using Business VPN, he can access all facility of Google like Gmail, Google talk, etc.

Enjoy Secure Business Trips

One of the biggest challenges face in any Business Trip is to check your communication channel in that city or country. Many times, you may force to use Public free Wi-Fi in the lack of internet, these unsecured internet usage leads to probable hacking.

To avoid such situation, you can use Business VPN which provide hassle free and secure business trips.

You can safeguard all your personal information and Business documents while traveling if you use Business VPN.

Enjoy Protection From BYOD

BYOD stands for “Bring Your Own Device.”

You can implement all security measure of the world, but you cannot beat the stupidity of humanity. One of the weak links in protection is the ignorance of Human towards security.

To avoid that Business VPN provides “Protection from BYOD,” which means no matter what your device you use in your computer, it cannot break the encryption of the communication channel.

So, now all your company data and organization database is secure when you use any other devices which may be infected with malware or virus.

Flexible Business Solution

Business VPN has much Flexible business solutions for big corporate companies, and you can use them without thinking for the expensive hardware, software, or manpower.

If your company grow bigger, you can easily scale it up with adding a node to business VPN — no need to pay for expensive hardware or software.

Features of Business VPN KeepSolid

Save Time & money for Integration

Business VPN can save your Time and money to build your own private networks and servers. These are very expensive and requires trained professional and expensive hardware and software.

If you dedicate your energy on this portion, your main business will suffer, so use Business VPN and save money.

Hassle free Integration

Business VPN has hassle free Integration and can be started with only putting a VPN client in your computer system. All the communication can be started instantly on an encrypted channel without any extra piece of hardware.

You need to choose your company size and number of systems which may take part in secure communication before you want to start the channel.

Easy to learn and implement

One of the best features of Business VPN is the ease to use and learn. You don’t need extensive workers training to learn how to use a VPN. All the option is very easy and can be implemented by any person.

Affordable Pricing

Business VPN is developed to provide end-to-end protection for your company valuable data. Prices are very competitive and affordable as compare to valuable data of any company.

You can also check for subscription models or go for customization for affordable pricing.

Nil Maintenance Cost

You don’t need to pay for any maintenance cost for the system or system upgrade. You don’t have to provide any salary to full-fledged network administrators and other security professional.

Price for Business VPN

Small and medium Team

  • $9.99 per user/month
  • $1199.99 yearly

(one dedicated server)

Big Team or go with a flexible plan

  • $9.44 per user/month
  • $3399.99 yearly

(three dedicated server)

Final words

Business VPN by KeepSolid is one stop solution when it comes to security and data protection. You should use this service if you want to protect your business data.

One of the best features of Business VPN is the protection from BYOD, which helps when any employees accidentally use any infected device to the system.

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