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05 Ways to Hide Your IP Address on Mac

hide IP address on mac

Are you looking for the best options to hide your IP address on Mac or iPhone?

Well, today, lets begin with some of the  best ways to hide your real IP address from the world. But first what is IP address and why it is necessary to hide it.

What is an IP address?

IP is referred to as Internet Protocol, and in the null set, it is the address, given to your PC when you try to connect to the Internet. Every system gets its own address when it connects to the Internet.

These IP addresses are mandatory for sending or receiving any information on the internet. It works like a unique address assigned to any machine which is recognized on the internet for doing communication.

How to hide your real IP address of MAC

As you know, we have entered the Digital Age, where every household has more than 05 to 06 system or mobiles connected to the internet.

As the internet becomes huge and touches everyone life, it also becomes dangerous as Cybercrime become a nuisance and uncontrollable.

To protect yourself from online identity theft or cybercrime you can use these ways to hide your IP address

1. Use a VPN Software

VPN refers as Virtual Private Network; in this set of the arrangement, your system will get new IP, and you can browse using this new identity.

VPN is very robust, and many private VPN uses encryption of 256 bit, which is not crackable.

Why Should You Use VPN Software?

  • It will hide Your real IP Address
  • It Encrypts your Internet communications
  • Provides you with new IP Address
  • Changes every time you switch on VPN software
  • Gives a variety of option such as choosing IP from different countries
  • You can watch many geo-blocked websites such as Netflix or Hulu
  • The first line of defense from cybercrime

How VPN Software works

First, you need to install VPN software in your system. This VPN software is called clients, then connect with VPN main servers.

Here depending on your VPN provider, you will be given the choice of countries and city which IP you can choose to connect.

After you choose any Country/ City, new IP will be assigned to you depending on your choice. Now you can browse using these new IP and safeguard your old IP.

You can switch between different IPs when you start using VPN software. You can check different geo-block services like Netflix or HULU if they are not present in your Country.

List of VPN software for Mac Users

  • Nord VPN
  • Express VPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • IPVanish
  • Vypr VPN

2. Use a Proxy Server or IP

Proxy Server is the second-best method to hide your IP address for MAC users. This servers act as a bridge between your internet communication and the outer world.

Proxy Server hides your real IP and provides a man-in-the-middle communication system, where your IP will be changed according to the proxy system.

Why should you use Proxy Server?

  • To hide your real IP address
  • Little slower than VPN software
  • Act as a bridge between you and destination
  • You can watch many geo-block restriction services
  • Proxy servers come in two mode- free and paid

How Proxy Server or IP works?

Proxy servers work as a VPN system and provide a bridge between your Internet communication and destination. You need to login to Proxy server website and get new IP and communication starts from their Dashboard.

Alternatively, you can get new IP for one month, and you can put this IP in your Browser and start browsing the internet. In this method, your real IP will be changed and become the IP you provided in browsers.

You can also get Socks4 or Socks5 IPs using these methods, and these are quite expensive as compare to VPN software.

3. Use TOR network

Full form of TOR is “The Onion Router,” which is a free browser or client which connect anonymously to TOR network. These works on the same principle of VPN software but works on a different principle.

TOR uses encrypts communication and works on numerous relays system, which makes them impossible to crack.

TOR is also known as “Dark or Deep web,” which has thousands of resources submerged in the deep web. You need to use TOR browser to access those type of resources or to hide your real IP.

As TOR network is difficult to crack, it has been used widely by criminals and other malicious intended persons.

So, we advise you to not to use TOR for any purpose other than hiding your IP and browsing the internet.

4. Use Mobile Network to hide IP

One of the best methods to hide your real IP is to use the mobile network. The mobile network works on dynamic IPs, which means every time you switch on your Mobile network, your IP gets change.

You can use mobile data to change your IP any time you need to hide your real IP address.

The mobile network will result in slow internet, but it really helps you to hide your real IP as you will get new IP every time you connect to Mobile Network.

5. Connect to Public Free Wi-Fi

There is much free Wi-Fi present in public where you can use there IP and hide your real IP. You can get these free Wi-Fi spot in

  • Restaurant or café (Starbucks)
  • Airports
  • Airplane
  • Railways station
  • Metro Station
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels

Public free Wi-Fi is not safe to use, and we recommend you all to use good antivirus and malware software when you venture into these parts.

Final thoughts

There are many real methods by which you can hide your IP of MAC, but we recommend using VPN software as these are good when it comes to encryption.

We advise not to use the TOR network, which is used by criminal or bad people, and you did not want to be part of that system.

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