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Golf Clash Advanced Tips And Tricks

Golf Clash Tips And Tricks

Are you looking for Golf Clash Advanced tips?

Well, Golf Clash is now the buzzing hot game when it comes to Golf. Golf Clash is a simulated game which receives many prizes for promotion Golf.

If you are looking for a complete Guide and advanced tips and tricks on Golf Clash, then read the whole article.

Best Golf Clash Tips And Tricks


1. Read some Golf Books or article

If you are new and do not know “how to play Golf,” please read some books or refer to some article before you put your Golf Club.

Knowing the game will make your Golf Clash easier to play, and you will know why you need to take that shot.

Golf Clash is a simulator game, which means all the rule and regulation which applied to the real game also depends on this game.

Before playing Golf Clash, just remember to go through some Golf books to know about holes and rule & regulation of the game.

2. Know your Golf Course

Before you plunge into the Golf Clash, try to get familiar with all the golf courses in Golf Clash. There are more than 28 Golf Course in the game, and all are different from each other.

Now if you want to enter any Golf PRO Tournaments, you should be familiar with the terrain of Golf Course. Make sure to play on each golf Course in Golf Clash, so that you will not get any last-minute surprise.

Remember, ever terrain is special, and it has its pro and cons.

You should know how your Golf ball will behave in these terrains and what are you winning percentage on these Course.

Get familiar with all the Golf Course of Golf Clash game and keep looking for nook and corner of every course.

Complete list of Golf Course in Golf Clash

  1. Christmas
  2. City Park
  3. Creepy Cliffs
  4. Eagle Peak
  5. Ghostly Glades
  6. Glenmonarch Estate
  7. Gokasho Bay
  8. Greenoch Point
  9. Haunted Hills
  10. Juniper Point
  11. Koh Hong Resort
  12. Maple Bay
  13. Meadow Castle
  14. Namhae Cliffs
  15. Nordic Fjords
  16. Parc De Paris
  17. Porthello Cove
  18. Sakura Hills
  19. Santa Ventura
  20. Southern Pines
  21. Sunshine Glades
  22. The Milano
  23. The Oasis
  24. Touchdown
  25. Vineyard Acres
  26. White Cliffs
  27. Winter Links
  28. Winter Olympics

3. Complete all Achievements

When you reach a higher level in Golf Clash, check your achievements, these will give you game gems.

Claim all your gems or game goodies when you complete your Achievements. Keep looking for new achievements and complete them with ease.

 4. Tips and Tricks on Golf Clash Club

Golf Clash club tips

Know your Golf Club

Golf is a game of precision, luck, and skill apart from choosing the right Golf Club for the situation.

If you are not acquainted with Golf Clubs, then we recommend you check some Golf books or article on it.

Choosing correct Golf Club is crucial to winning any match, rather than depending on your skills and precision.

As Golf Clash is a simulator game, it also has some golf clubs which you need to choose before you take your best shot.

There are seven different types of Golf Clubs in Golf Clash which you can choose depending on the situation

Golf Club Type Best Golf Club
Driver Apocalypse
Wood Cataclysm
Long Iron B52
Short Iron Hornet
Wedge Endbringer
Rough Iron Nirvana
Sand Wedge Spitfire

These are the best in class for the Golf Clubs available in the Golf Clash. You need to check all these Golf Clubs and always upgrades only the best golf clubs in the category.

Upgrade Golf Club

If you want to participate in the Pro league, then you should upgrade your Golf Club.

You need to spend money to purchase a new Gold Club, and then you should upgrade them to their highest level. Golf Clubs has many attributes which you need to pay attention before you upgrade it.

Some of the attributes of Golf Clubs are as follows

  • Power
  • Accuracy
  • Top Spin
  • Backspin
  • Curl
  • Ball guide

Whenever you participate in any tour or tournaments, you will notice that every top player has upgraded their golf club.

So, if you want to stay in the competition, you need to upgrade your Golf Club.

Purchase Golf Balls

Ever wonder why you also loose in Golf Clash?

You have the latest Golf Club and that also been upgraded with its max, then also you lose the game.

Well, the opponent has New Gold Balls which has more wind resistance and sidespin than yours.

Pay attention to Golf Balls and purchase new Golf Balls before starting off any new Tournaments.

Gold balls play an essential point into your victory, apart from upgraded golf clubs.

Time your shot

Practice hard to time your shot as Golf Clash is game of accuracy and precision. No matter how much you spend money on your upgraded gear, the last boiling point is your timing.

Whenever you time you shot, you can get bull’s eye.

So, keep on practicing and remember to hit the middle of the bull’s eye every time you play the game.

Learn how to make a Putt

One of the difficulty players faces how to putt in Golf Clash. When your ball is near the hole, all the controls changes in Golf Clash.

Your Bull eye will be gone, and suddenly, it will be replaced with the path of light.

You need to pay attention to the path of light for the ball travel. Now depending on the power, you need to adjust the force with which the ball will travel to the golf hole.

Many players failed in this part and did not get the hole in one ball; you need to keep on practicing all balls for the putt.

5. Golf Clash Tips on Tournaments

golf clash tips on tournaments

Take Part in Tours

One of the major ways of earning coins and game goodies is to participate in Tours. You need to pay a joining fee for taking part in Tours. But if you win the tours, then you will get a huge bonus of coins and game goodies.

Participating in Tours in Golf Clash is an essential part of the game, where you will horn your skill when you are pitted against good competitors.

Always remember, to participate in Tours when you have good Golf Club and good Golf Ball. If you are just starting, then do not participate as this will only end up losing all your joining fee.

First, upgrade or buy a new Golf Club and then participate in any Tours.

This will ensure your high winning chances, do not participate with your basic Golf Club.

 Earn Trophies

If you want to earn free Chest, then you need to earn Trophies by participating in Tour.

Each Golf Clash Tour has a maximum number of Trophies, which you can claim by winning the tour.

But if keep on playing the Tour after winning the maximum trophy, the game will award you with only coins.

So, if you are in need of game coins, then you can keep on repeating old tours and claim game coins.

Always remember, you can get a free chest when you claim Trophies in each of these tours.

All the tours with their maximum trophies are given below

Tour Name Maximum Number of Trophies
Beginner Tour 20 Trophies
West Coast 50 Trophies
Asia Pacific 100 Trophies
6-Star Hotel Tour 200 Trophies
World Links Tour 300 Trophies
U.S Champions Tour 500 Trophies

Remember: Take part in Tours to claim trophies, which can be used to get the Game chest. After you claim maximum trophies, you can get game coins when you repeat the tour.

6. Golf Clash Tips on Game Chest

Golf Clash Chest Tips

Get Game Goodies and rare cards in Chest

Golf Clash has introduced game chest which contains some of the best resources for the game.

You can get gems, clubs or game coins when you open these game chests. If you manage to get king chest or Pin chest, then you can even get some rare epic cards.

The chest is the game resource, which gives you free game goodies, which can help you immensely in the game.

The chest can be awarded on your achievement or when you exchange trophies for them. You can also purchase a rare chest from the game stores with real money.

All the game chest which are found in Gold Clash are given below

  • Wood Chest
  • Silver Chest
  • Gold Chest
  • Platinum Chest
  • King Chest
  • Pin Chest

Tips: You can claim rare, epic cards when you do successfully 08 times putt in Golf Clash.

7. Golf Clash Tips on how to get free Coins


Watch Video Advertisement

One of the easy ways to earn Golf Clash coin is to watch a video advertisement. You can get many game coins when you watch these video advertisements. Also check these video ads when you complete any game.

You can get game coins and other game goodies when you watch these video ads.

Win Chest

The second best method to earn free coins in Golf Clash to earn Chest. You can get huge game coins when you earn a chest.

Chest in Golf Clash is easy to earn, and you need to complete these parameters

  • Trophies from tours
  • When you collect achievements

Play repeated Tours

The third method of earning free Coins in Golf Clash is to play Tours, in which you have already earn maximum trophies.

When you earn maximum trophies in any tour, the game will stop giving you additional trophies. Instead, it will reward you with game coins. Use this method to get huge coins in Golf Clash.

Final words

We also want you to take part in Tour and tournaments to claim trophies and to check how other players performances. Try to check which Golf Club other players are using and always buy new Golf balls before the starting of the tour.

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