How To Get Free Xbox Game Pass [List]

Xbox Game Pass List 2019 Free

Hi, are you looking for free Xbox Game pass which is legit and still work in 2019, then you have venture into the correct website. We are going to give you a legit Xbox Game Pass which you can use in your Xbox Console.

What is Xbox Game Pass?

If you own Xbox and want to play different games given in the catalog of Microsoft games, then you can use Xbox game pass to play all those titles. These are passes which enable you 14-days trial or one-month free access to all those game catalogs in the Microsoft games.

Xbox game pass comes in two variations; they are as follows

  • Xbox Game Pass 14-day Free Trial
  • 1-Month Xbox Game Pass

You can buy or gift these game passes from the there official website and use to play after you redeem in your Xbox console.

Difference between Xbox Game Pass and Xbox one Live Gold

Xbox Live Vs Xbox Game PAss


“Xbox Game pass and Xbox Live Gold Subscription is two different services with each having unique benefits; you need to understand these are own merit and demerits,” a Microsoft representative said in a statement to

Xbox Game Pass gives players to unlimited access to over 100 Xbox one and Xbox 360 Backward Compatible games for only $9.99. Moreover, you can also check all the game along with new games which are released on that month which you have taken free subscription.

Whereas, Xbox Live Gold subscription will enable players only a few free games which comes along with that subscription or month. You will need Xbox one Live Gold Subscription when you want to play multiplayer games online. You cannot play multiplayer games online without Xbox live gold subscription.

Does Xbox Game Passes enable all the game titles in the Stores?

No, you will be given access to game titles depending on your country and availability of that game title in your country. Do not expect to get all game titles listed in Microsoft game store with one Xbox game pass.

Can I redeem Xbox Game Passes with real money or another discount offer?

No, you cannot redeem Xbox Game Passes with real money or another discount offer. You need to redeem it in your Xbox console.

Is Free Xbox Game Pass legit to use?

Yes, we assure you that Xbox game pass is legit it uses, and your Xbox account will not get any harm or your Gamertag account is 100% safe. These codes are 100% legit and will fetch you 14-days to the one-month trial of Xbox game pass.

How many Times Xbox Game Pass can be used?

We recommend you to use this facility for one time; you need to redeem it in your Xbox game console. After your subscription gets over, you can again come back and get new code to redeem for your Xbox Game console.

Some sample Xbox Game Pass 2019




How many times will these Xbox Game Pass work?

Xbox game passcode will work for only one time per user. So, if you are not able to use these codes this time you can use our tool to get one. Always remember, Xbox Game passcode can be used only one time, and after that, it is useless for another user.

What can you expect using Free Xbox Game Pass?

 You can expect free access to all game titles of Microsoft Xbox with backward compatible for 14-days to one month. You can get an unlimited number of game titles which you can play free for the said period.

What can you not expect ?

You cannot expect free Xbox Live membership subscription which will enable you to play the multiplayer online game.

Final words

You can always buy Xbox game pass from official Microsoft website, but if you find it difficult to churn out real money or want to check their game titles before you put real money, you can check our free Xbox Game Passcode.

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