How To Get Free Easy Robux Legally In 2022

easy way to get Robux

Are you searching for free, easy Robux which can be used in your Roblox account for purchase different game characters and game cosmetics?

Well, we have summarized legit working methods to get free, easy Robux which will help you achieve higher levels and clear all hardship of difficult levels.

As you all know, Roblox has more than 180 Million accounts till date and has more than 18 Million active members playing on Roblox Platforms.

Now, if Roblox has 18 Million members, what makes them apart?

Well, your game costume or character cosmetics which include dress, hats, pets, boots, shields and other game cosmetics make you different from other players. Just imagine there are thousands of players playing the game daily and all have the same old clothes, how boring it would look, so to make some differentiation, Roblox has introduced Game items. These game items or game cosmetics can be brought by using game currency know as Robux.

Now if you can afford Robux with real money, then this article is not for you, But if you have shoe line budget for Robux game but still want to own those cool cosmetics, then you need to spend some time reading our awesome article on this topic.

Top 10 Methods to get Free Robux for Roblox game in 2022

Let check all these awesome methods one by one to get free Robux.

1. Exchange Collectible or Trade them

There are many items in Roblox game which fall under the collectibles and limited edition. Now if you are clear enough and want to make some money, then you can purchase these limited-edition items or collectible which can be sold later on for the higher price.

Always remember, the items which are less in number and are rare, you should never trade those items. You need to preserve these items as these will be limited edition and will fetch you great money later on.

Trade Roblox iTems for Free Robux

There are many examples such as Sinister horns which were sold after two years for 1500 Robux, but the actual price was only 600 free Robux. Like this Bombastic Neon Animal hoodie which sold for 1300 Robux was the actual price range of 100 Robux only.

For exchanging collectibles or trading different items in Roblox, you need to have Builder club membership, without these BC memberships you cannot trade anything in Roblox platform. So, if you are thinking to start trading or exchange collectives then better purchase the Builder club membership.

2. Sell Game Passes

Game Passes are like superpower pass which give some special power to any game characters. Now if you can get hold of game passes of any popular game, then you can sell them for good price for free Robux. The game pass will give some additional boost up to the game character which will make the game super easy to clear.

All players want some extra or additional items for their characters which other players did not have, to keep the competition up, game developers make game passes which gives superpower to game characters. Now whoever has these game passes, win the duel or battle easily, and this makes the game passes more attractive.

 3. Develop New Game in Roblox

If you have patience and eye for details, then you can develop a new game in Roblox. There are two ways to develop games on Roblox platform,

  • If you know an LUA programing language
  • If you don’t know programing language, then go for Roblox Studio

Any game works on imagination and logic; if you are good at logic, then you can create your first Roblox game free of cost. As Roblox is the gaming platform which harbors thousands of games, you only need to make a prototype and start playing the game with your family members and friends. Later on, you can include more detailing and other gaming stuff.

Now making a Roblox game is very easy, you don’t need to be a programming nerd or some LUA expert to make your first game. Instead, you can make your first Roblox game with the use of Roblox studio which is like WYSIWYG (what you see, what you get) concept.

4. Sell Roblox Account

There are many sellers on the Internet who sells Roblox accounts; you can join them and farm Roblox account and sell them later for a good amount. These accounts are easy to make, and you need to fill them with some Robux and get some collective items in them to showcase your Game account to other players.

Depending on your Roblox account age and collectives it has, you can expect a good amount of money. Use that money to purchase Robux in your real account.

5. Promote another People Game

Promote game develop by other people for free Robux; you can promote their games or game items collection on your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or VK to get Robux.

There are many games developers who gives Robux or another game cosmetic for promoting their game to different social media. You can join any of these games develop a website and ask for your affiliate link.

Affiliate links are those links which help game developers to recognize that traffic is coming by clicking on your links. Do not miss these golden opportunities as game developers need affiliate members who can do free promotion.

6. Join GPT Website for Free Robux

GPT (get paid to) is those type of website which gives you points when you complete some small task; you can also use these accumulative points to redeem digital gift cards that can be used for purchasing Robux. Some of the task to be performed in this GPT Website are given below

  • Install Game apps in your Smartphone
  • Install famous apps in your smartphone and start using them
  • Complete small survey
  • Provide an opinion on a certain product
  • Watch Video Ads in GPT website

7. Join GPT Mobile Apps for Free Robux

GPT mobile apps are great methods where you can earn free Robux by doing a small task. You can perform the small task in these GPT mobile apps to get points which can be accumulated and later redeem for Digital Gift cards. some of the small tasks which you will perform in GPT mobile apps are as follows

  • Install apps from these GPT mobile apps
  • Install games apps in your Smartphone
  • Watch Video Ads in GPT mobile apps
  • Complete surveys and give opinions

8. Join legit Survey website for free Robux

There are many legit online survey websites which provide free Robux or digital gift cards which can be used to purchase Robux. You can join these survey websites free of cost, and they work on the same principle of GPT website. The only difference is the method of giving task and rewards.

These legit survey websites provide you with free Digital Cards which can be exchanged with Robux currency. You will only need to complete the daily task which is similar to a small survey of any new / products or giving an opinion on certain products in the markets. You will also receive a sample of the products on which you need to provide your opinions.

Some of the legit online survey websites are


9. Join Giveaway from big players or game developers

Robux Giveaway

Try to join Giveaway from Big Players or game developers by promoting their games or collectibles. Every game developer needs a huge audience and churns out big money on promotions. If you can promote their game or collective or game pass by sharing their links in different social media platform, then they will give you free Robux. You can try this awesome method by joining the membership or game forum and start promoting their links in your social media accounts.

10. Join Active Game forums and ask free Robux

You can join many active game forums or social media to get free Robux as Giveaway, for example, join Reddit for all latest news and happening about Roblox. In Reddit subreddit, you will find many categories where people are providing free Robux for participating in their page. You should join these active forums to get free membership and ask for Robux.

Joining different game forums and social media platform is a good idea when you need free Robux, as in Instagram there is a big giveaway on Robux, all you need to do is to share their links and like their post.

 Final words

These are the top 10 legit ways to earn Robux for your Roblox account; we advise you all to not to fell prey for all those fake websites which claim to give you free unlimited Robux without doing anything. We advise you to keep some patience and keep working on these legit ways to earn Free Robux.

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