Garena Free Fire Tips and Tricks By A Pro Player

Garena Free Fire Tips and Tricks

Garena Free Fire is the latest entrant in the Battle Royale arena, and with a new game plan, it becomes the fourth highest grossing game in Battle Royale after Apex Legends, Fortnite, and PUBG. If you want to become pro in Garena Free Fire, then use these awesome 20 tips and tricks which has been written by top 05 players of Free Fire.

Let’s summarize all the top 20 tips and ticks with pro tips on how to get benefit with those tips are given below, we hope you use these tricks and tips to push your rank to heroic.

20 Garena Free Fire Tricks and Tips to take you to Pro levels

Garena Free Fire Tips By A pro

We have summarized some of the important tips and tricks of Garena free fire which will help you to level up for heroic. You can use all the pro tips to implement in your gameplay and level up your rank or improve your game. Let’s analysis all the points given here. You may want to check New free fire redeem codes list at gameadroit.

1. Know your Character Strength

Garena Free Fire has 15 characters till now at the time of writing, and they all have different specialties which you need to know for the gameplay.  All characters have a different aura and different zone of specialization which you can harp on and get the most out of these characters.

Garena Free Fire Characters

  • characters of Free Fire are given below

1. Ford:

Ford is from the elite force from the navy and has some special powers

Specialty: Iron Will (Reduce Damage took outside safe zone)

2. Olivia:

Olivia is a Caring Nurse who will revive teammates with meda-kits.

Specialty: Healing Touch (Players revived by Olivia get extra HP)

3. Andrew

Andrew was an elite member of the police. He has a sense of justice and keeps chasing criminals.

Specialty: Armor Specialist (Decrease vest durability loss)

4. Kelly

Kelly is a champion sprinter; she runs faster than many characters in the free fire.

Specialty: Dash (Increase sprinting speed)

5. Nikita

Nikita is a talented and professional bodyguard.

Specialty: Firearms Expert (Reload submachine gun faster)

6. Misha

Misha is a talented racer, who can beat any competition on car anytime.

Specialty: Afterburner (increase driving speed and reduce damage taken while inside vehicles)

7. Maxim

Maxim is a champion eater.

Specialty: Gluttony (reduce the time for eating mushrooms and using meda-kits.

8. Kia

Kia is a martial artist and specializing in Muay Thai.

Specialty: Muay Thai (increased fist damage)

9. Paloma

Specialist in arms deals and control underworld.

Specialty: Arms-dealing (AR ammo will not take inventory space)

10. Miguel

Miguel is an elite soldier from the special forces.

Specialty: Crazy Slayer (will gain EP with each kill)

11. Caroline

Caroline is from a very rich family.

Specialty: Agility (increase speed when holding a shotgun)

12. Antonio

Antonio is gangster who thrives on killing other gang members.

Specialty: Gangster’s spirit (receive gag extra HP when the round starts)

13. Wukong

Wukong is a monkey king who loves bananas.

Specialty: Camouflage (turn into the bush to avoid firing)

14. Moco

Moco is the legendary hacker.

Specialty: Hacker’s Eye (tag enemy when Moco shot for a few seconds)

15. Hayato

Hayato is from a samurai family.

Specialty: Bushido (the lower your HP, the higher your armor penetration become)

Pro tips: Maximum pro players uses Miguel character and give them Kelly and Kia power which make the character an ultimate combo.

2. Know your Weapon

According to the shooting capacity and distance covered, we have summarized all the weapons found in the Garena free fire. You should know your weapon to use them in a different situation.

Garena Free Fire weapons

UMPUsed in short range
MP5Used in short range
MP 40Used in short range
M1014Used in short range
SPAS12Used in short range
Assault Rifle
DragunovUsed for mid and long range
FamasUsed for mid and long range
M249Used for mid and long range
M4A1Used for mid and long range
AKUsed for mid and long range
GrozaUsed for mid and long range
M14Used for mid and long range
SCARUsed for mid and long range
Sniper Gun
Kar98KUsed for long range
AWMUsed for long range
SKSUsed for long range
VSSUsed for long range
G18Use for a short range
Desert EagleUse for a short range
USPUse for a short range
M1873Use for a short range
M79Use for a short range
M500Use for a short range
Different weapon
CrossbowUse for short and mid-range
BatUse a handheld the attack
GrenadeUse for a short range
ParangUse a handheld the attack
PanUse as a shield as well as attack

Pro tips: always use Pan with you for shielding from firing coming from behind you.

3. Change Your Plan according to Game

You should change your game plan according to the level and game you are playing. There is three types of game plan which you can employ when you play Garena Free Fire.

Killing Spree

If you are playing normal Squad game and need to complete a daily task or veteran task or Elite Pass task, then you can choose this mode. In this, you will be in killing spree with your teammate or alone, as fear of dying is not applicable as this did not affect your ranking. You will live by the day to get maximum kills and will clear all the task ahead of the day.

Fire and Hide

This type of tactics is used when you are playing for the rank game and with your teammates or duo. You can use this tactic when you are alone also in the rank game. All you need to do is not to expose your self for the incoming damages from an enemy bullet. You will fire and then hide behind your shelter or tree, creating confusion for the enemy and they will try to come out to check from where they get the hit. At that time, you will pounce upon them with heavy firing.

Evading and surviving

One of the timidest ways of pushing rank is to evade anyone to one battle with anyone till the end to push rank. All you have to do is to hide in any room or obstacle till the end to fight with the last one or the last bunch. This method is used by many players who want to push their rank from bottom to heroic.

Pro tips: there is no shame for choosing to evade and surviving when you want to push your rank. Choose any of the three different styles of the game according to the game you are playing.

4. Get your Weapon & Armor first

What you do when you land on the ground after jumping from the airplane in the free-fire?

The first thing when you land is to run and pick up guns, no bags, no armor, no med-kits. It is the only weapon what you need to pick, bags, armor or med-kits can be pick later, but first, you need to concentrate on the survival of the first few minutes. If you have landed in a very crowded place like peak or mills, then you need to pick weapon first to save yourself.

Getting guns should be your priority then you can go for Armor or bags or med-kits. Do not greedy take all different type of ammo, check your bag occasionally for the useless items such as ammo of different weapon which you don’t possess — more than one attachment of weapon, more than one scope, more than 10 med-kits.

Pro tips: chose guns over any other game items in the first few minutes when the game starts.

5. Know the Safe Zone

You should keep an eye on the mini-maps for shrinking of the safe zone. The safe zone is round shape zone which you need to move as the game progress. You can check a safe zone in the mini-map which will be a map as a white color round object. Now all the newbies don’t know the safe zone, and they lose their life wandering in the unsafe zone.

The safe zone is essential for the Battle Royale style game as if this system is not implemented; all players will hide in pockets in the game and game will never end. So to make sure all the players meet each other, safe zone keep on decreasing and keep on shrinking till it becomes zero. All the players who are playing free fire need to keep themselves in a safe zone to avoid any casualty.

Pro tips: check the time left for the safe zone to shrink and then dash for the safe zone.

6. Vehicle Vs. Trees

So, which one you prefer Vehicle or Tree?

Well, both have pros and cons, and they serve a different purpose in the game. The vehicle is great killers when you wheel out from behind and knock down players. But these are mostly used when you are playing in lower levels when you advance to higher levels with most of them are heroic players, you will not get a single kill instead you will get killed instantly by all high level’s players.

where to hide

Vehicles make a louder noise and will be shown in the mini-maps as yellow curve lines when using against higher level players they use glue wall to stop the car and kill the driver. Even teams set traps to knock down the car and kill the drivers. So, if you are playing at higher levels like the rank game then avoid cars and keep your self-hiding behind the tree.

Pro tips: Vehicle vs. Tree, tree wins

7. Glueball real life saver

If you really want to become a pro player than try to use glue wall in the war. Glue ball is the real-life saver when you come under the heavy firing from the enemy, and you don’t have any nearby shelter or tree or hiding place. You can turn game outcome if you use glue wall to stop all incoming firing.

Glueball provides a temporary shield for some time which is enough to treat yourself or your teammates with med-kits or treatment gun. Always keep glueball with you, as it will be the last option which you can use when the safe zone sinks to zero to keep enemy away from you.

Pro tips: learn how to use glue ball effective to create a temporary wall to save your life and your teammate life.

8. Choose airdrop carefully

AirDrop is great for getting rare game items with shields and other attachments. But you need to choose airdrop carefully, as this airdrop emits lights which can be seen by a greater distance. When airdrop falls from the sky, do not rush to them to get the loot.

Wait for some time and monitor if that portion is infested with enemy team or enemy. You need to take covers or shelter before you can monitor any enemy movement. Keep your glue wall handy when you rush to near the AirDrop.

Make sure to loot fast all the weapons and game items and run away from airdrop, so that you can hide and wait for other players, who will come to loot the air drops.

Pro tips: do not rush to loot airdrop, instead wait and check if any enemy team is nearby and take cover while watching.

9. Correct Weapon Combination

One of deciding factor to win in any Garena free fire battle is the use of a correct weapon. If you are not using the current weapon in the current range, you will defiantly be going to lose the battle or get killed.

Always remember, when you are fighting one to one in close range then SMG and shotguns are the best weapons. When you are fighting for mid-range and long-range then you should depend on Assault Rifles, do not use SMG in mid-range or long range because it will not do any harm to the enemy.

Sniper Rifle is used for long distance range and that too when the enemy is static. Do not use Sniper Rifle when the enemy is in motion or running while jumping. You will never get a hit with Sniper Rifle. Instead, use Assault Rifles when the enemy is running away or jumping while running.

Pro tips: Always use the correct combination of the weapon when you are playing Battle Royale Garena Free Fire.

10. Keep an eye on the Mini-Maps

Mini-maps are like your third eye; you need to check it every time for your movement along with your teammate’s movements. Mini-maps are used to check many things, some of them are as follows

  • Check Movement of your teammates
  • Check enemy location when they fire on you
  • Review the safe zone position in mini-maps
  • Check Vehicle position in mini-maps
  • Check Danger area in mini-maps
  • Verify UAV position in mini-maps
  • Check your Loot in mini-maps
  • If any team member is using Moco character, then the enemy location will be shown in the red dot for 3 seconds when she shot an enemy with a bullet.

 Pro tips: always keep an eye on mini-maps for enemy movement, which can be captured by UAV.

11. Check enemy location in Mini-Maps

You can use mini-maps to check the enemy location; all the pro players always keep an eye on the map for the enemy position. Whenever any enemy fire on you or fire near you, his position being shown as red arrowhead in the mini-maps, now if you are conversant with the maps then you can clearly figure out from where the enemy is firing.

You can hide your location by putting the silencer in your weapon, which also creates less noise when your gun keeps on firing apart from that enemy will not get your location in mini-maps.

Pro tips: You can also get the firing position of your enemy by selecting the ultra-mode from the setting which will enable you to see the firing bullet trail. Keep an eye on mini-maps for enemy position when they fire on you or your teammates.

12. Use Grenade when surrounded by enemy

Grenade is your secondary weapon which keeps help you a clear the whole group of enemies. Use grenade judicially when you are surrounded by the enemy or when the enemy is harboring in high grounds especially in an open house. Grenade is mended to blow away the enemy in pieces and did not recognize friends and enemy, so use them when your teammates are not in the battle or not near the enemy.

Pro tips: Grenade is a lifesaver and can be very effective when you use them in close quarter or against enemy hiding behind trees or harboring in the open house.

13. Remember the thumb rule

Remember the thumb rule, “higher position always wins.” If you ever server army, then you must know one thumb rule, a higher position always wins. This rule is true for Battle Royale Free Fire game. If you are holding on a higher position, there are chances that you will win 90% of all matches; the rest 10% depends on the enemy shooting accuracy.

So, whenever you get chance, try to capture the higher position, the best time to capture higher grounds are when the safe zone is shrinking, and there are fewer people remaining in the game.

Pro tips: Always use Glue wall when you are holding in the higher ground, as you don’t have protection in that terrain.

14. Stay with your team

Remember how wolf survive in the jungle?

They stay together and hunt together; the same rule applies here, do not try to become Rambo in Squad match. You need to stay together and help all your teammates during any battle. Remember, if you have better coordination among yourself then there are 90% chances that you will win the battle.

In a Squad match, you need to be protective and give covering fire when your teammate is surrounded by the enemy. You need to help each other with med-kit and make a wall against all team members who got hit by a bullet and are on knees. Remember, you got very little time to save your teammates when you get hit by bullets. So, make sure in a free fire that you did not ward away from your teammates as it will be difficult to get or give help in time.

Pro tips: the main important factor in the team is coordination, keep talking with each other and help all members in the time of the battle.

15. Eat Mushroom to get extra EP or Life

Apart from game med-kits you can also get an extra life called EP. These can be very helpful when your health gets depleted or when you did not have med-kits to full your health bar. Mushroom is the game items which are freely available in the game can be used to get extra EP.

EP is shown as Extra bar over the health bar and will automatically fill your health bar when it is empty. The only problem with EP is the rate by which it gets a transfer to Health bar; it is very slow. So, when you are in the game, do not wait for the EP to full your health bar and use med-kit immediately to avoid any casualty.

Pro tips: Iff you own Miguel Character then you can expect free EP with every kill, or you can increase your EP when you eat a mushroom. so do not leave the red mushroom and keep on eating them to maintain your EP bar.

16. Keep upgrading your Shield

One item which can be upgraded in the game 05 times is a shield. You can upgrade your shield to level 4 and after that, if you upgrade it will become white, which means it has reach level 5. The shield is really game changer along with a helmet, but you cannot upgrade your helmet in the game, you need to replace your helmet with an upgraded one.

The shield is the only game items which you can wear in level one and it can be kept on upgrading using the upgrading tool and can reach up to level 05. One of the best game changers in the game is your shield; your health will become less after your shield gets broken. If you are wearing level 04 shield then it will take many bullets to break it down, so keep an eye on these upgrading tools which will increase your chance of survival.

Pro tips: your winning and losing a game is entirely depends on your Shield and helmet with the weapon you are using, so keep upgrading your shield to get most out of the game.

17. Explode the red cylinder to kill an enemy instantly

Red is a danger, as described by mother nature, you should always avoid going near to red cylinder which will kill you instantly if you don’t have enough health left. Red cylinder is kept in the game to give some extra damage to players who always harbor behind crates or logs. You can explore the red cylinder when the enemy is near it with few bullets.

Impact of the red cylinder is huge as it will break any 03-level shield with ease and will bring down any health enemy to its knees. Use this offensive tactic when a single enemy or whole team is near the red cylinder. Maximum players get caught in the red cylinder tangle when they are running for the safe zone.

Pro tips: Red cylinder are really game changer if you use them properly, that is the reason why all pro players destroy the red cylinder without any provocation to avoid ambush by enemy later.

18. Explode the Blue Cylinder to create Smog

Ever wonder what those Blue Cylinders are doing in Free Fire, well they are kept giving you camouflage in the type of smog, which will give you some valuable time to save yourself or get some med-kits to yourself or your team.

Blue cylinders are kept in many locations which are mostly hiding place; if you get surrounded or overpower by the enemy, then you can use this deception tool to get yourself out from that situation.

Pro tips: Blue cylinder are used when you are surrounded by the enemy or when you think; you need to take some med-kits to keep going. Explode these Smog generated blue cylinder and save some critical time to get med-kits.

19. Use a good headphone to clear levels

It might seem unnecessary to have good headphones but believe us; it is mandatory to have good headphone during your play Garena Free Fire. In Free fire, the reaction time is very less when you are surrounded by the enemy or if any enemy surprises you by hitting you from behind.

For all these problems you need to have good headphone which will give you advance warning of the enemy by listing to his footsteps. If you are harboring in the upper room or inside high raised box type structure, then with your eyes, the most important item in your ear, you need to train your ear to head all type of footsteps which will come louder if the enemy is near you.

Pro tips: Headphone are essential for listing enemy footsteps as well as communicating with your teammate. Invest in a good headphone to get ahead of the competition.

20. Upgrade weapons by applying skins

One of the secrets why all elite members always score on you is because their weapon has new skin. These skins have some special power associated with them which gives them extra damage or extra ammo or extra accuracy. All the Pro players use this opportunity and upgrade their weapon with new skin.

These skins might look like fancy colors, but if you check them in store, you will be surprised to know that they have some extra power associated with them. So, if you have gems then try to upgrade with a new skin, which will permanently increase your weapon power. You will get the extra edge over your enemy when the winner is decided with very few margins.

Pro tips: Upgrade your weapon with new skins to increase efficiency, accuracy and damage capability.

Final words

Well, these points are written by our Garena expert who is an avid player and reach always reach heroic in every season. We wish that after implementing all these tips and tricks your gameplay will also increase and you will also reach heroic in every season.

Written by Admin