Free iTunes Codes – 5 Secret Ways

Free iTunes Codes 2019 Methods

Are you looking for Free iTunes codes to buy a different digital product on Apple Store?

Well, iTunes codes are the most sought-after digital gift card after Amazon Gift Card. You can buy a different number of the product if you have iTunes Gift Cards. We have summarized 5 top working methods by which you can get Fee iTunes Gift Cards in 2019.

Top 5 free iTunes Codes Method in 2020

  1. Legit Survey Programs
  2. Online Reward Programs
  3. Legit Survey Programs
  4. Use Family Sharing to Save Money

1. Legit Survey Programs for Free iTunes Codes

There are many online Legit Survey Programs which you can check and work from home. These websites provide you with a small task, which can be completed within minutes. The best thing about these survey programs is, you can work from home and get paid for doing a small task.

survey sites for gift cards

We have summaries some top 5 legit survey Programs which can give you cash for Joining and also you will get paid for performing the small task in these legit survey programs.

What is the type of Task which can be done on these websites?

All the website given in this article is well known a website which always pays and never forfeit anyone payment. Some of the tasks which you need to perform in these legit survey websites are as follows

  • Install apps or program in your smartphone or computer
  • Give your opinion on certain products
  • Give your opinion on new insurance policies
  • Perform a small survey  for free iTunes codes to understand how user think about certain products
  • Filling and giving answers to certain emails
  • Watching free video ads
  • Clicking and opening a certain website for 5 to 10 seconds
  • Testing product and commenting on those
  • Participating in consumer research on certain products

There are many online survey websites which provide you with $1 as a signing bonus when you join them with your valid email and authenticate with your valid mobile phone. We recommend you check and join all the online survey forum so that you can work on these websites for 10 min per day and earn real money or iTunes gift card for your work.

Top 5 legit Online Survey Program Which Pays in 2020

  1. MySurvey
  2. Vindale Research
  3. Inbox Dollars
  4. Global Test Market
  5. Opinion City
1. MySurvey

One of the oldest and most trusted online legit survey websites is MySurvey which has started its venture in 2014, and it has until now rewarded USD 32 Million plus to its members. You can also join this website and participate in its daily program where you need to perform a small task, and that will fetch you points. These points when accumulated can be redeemed to any online Gift Cards or iTunes cards.

Features of MySurvey

  • You can make $3 to 5 per hour
  • Work from home opportunity
  • No restriction of login daily, flexible working hours
  • Participate in market research
  • 100 points will be allotted per jobs did
  • Minimum threshold reward is 3 dollar
  • The small survey which can take 5-min to max 15-min to fill will fetch you 100 points

Membership is always free, and you can join it by the link provided below.

2. Vindale Research

One of the trusted companies which give cash for your survey, you can earn $5 to $50 free iTunes Gift codes with surveys. Best in the market and you will also get cash when you complete the small task in this website.

Features of Vindale Research

  • You can make $5 to $50 with every survey
  • You can do cash out in your PayPal
  • Very trusted online Survey Research group
3. Inbox Dollar

If you believe in quality, then this online survey website is the most trusted one since 2006. You will also get a sign in the bonus of $5 when you complete your registration on this website and app.

Features of Inbox Dollar

  • You can use this in your Smartphone
  • Available for all Android Smartphone
  • Get $5 for completing the registration
  • Perform a small task and earn cash daily
    • Searching the web for certain keyword
    • Reading and responding to emails
    • Completing small surveys
    • Downloading different apps in your Smartphone
    • Downloading and reaching a certain stage in Game apps
    • Purchasing different Groupon offers
4. Global Test Market

One of the tested online survey programs is “Global Test Market” which is paying their members since 2014. You can safely use these websites and get cash or rewards like digital cards of your choice.

Features of the Global Test market

  • Can make $3 to $5 per hour depending on the survey
  • You can get free iTunes Codes when you redeem your points
  • Based on the Points system and collection
  • Trusted Online survey website since 2014
  • Need to perform a simple survey and opinion on the different product
5. Opinion City

People are making $500 every week working on Opinion city. One of the best in the industry payout survey system, where the user needs to complete a small task to earn cash. You will be paid without fail if you participate in this survey program.

Features of Opinion City

  • Best in Market in term of giving cash
  • People are earning $500 every week
  • The small task will fetch you cash which you can cash out when accumulated
  • Many options are there to cash out like PayPal, Payoneer
  • Join and start earning cash today

2. Online Rewards Programs

There are many online rewards programs which are similar to online survey programs, but the difference is only in the execution part. You may or may not get paid on these platforms. Maximum online rewards programs work on points or another rewards system.

You need to perform a small task to earn points, and when these points get accumulated, you can redeem them with your choice of online Digital Gift card. These websites are called GPT sites which gives you a free iTunes Gift card for your efforts. Now a day many GPT apps are also there which are performing a similar task. Always make sure that this website pays or else you will lose all your time and effort in the end.

3. Using Social Media

One of the best places to start getting free iTunes Gift Cards Codes is to follow deals or deal hunters or bargains in the gift cards pages present in the social media space. You can check various social media platform for these promotions and can check with social giveaway sites which can provide you with free iTunes Gift Cards.

Social Media Giveaway for free iTunes gift codes


Facebook has many pages dedicated for iTunes Gift Cards where you can check out for some competition and small survey. You can get these pages on Facebook by putting keyword such as “free iTunes Giveaway” or “Free iTunes codes” or “iTunes Gift Cards.”

If you have some money, then you can get some discounted page also on Facebook which offers a discount on various iTunes as they promote their online Store.

Another active place to look for iTunes Gift Cards is Reddit; you have to search for various subreddit where you will find free iTunes codes Giveaway and iTunes competition going on.


Reddit community are very active, and all the free Coupons are gone within seconds, so you need to be very fast to redeem them in your account. Check for all active subreddit for iTunes and other Gift Cards.


Twitter is the third most sought-after social media platform where you will get free iTunes Giveaway and iTunes discount codes. You need to follow a big game or online Store for their annual giveaway, or you can check out for some competition going on to get some free iTunes Gift Cards codes.

Instagram / Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest are the last resort for all people seeking free iTunes codes. You can check these platforms for any giveaway or any type of special competition going on for iTunes. iTunes cards are the world most sought-after cards which almost all people want to own, so you need to act on these social media platforms to get free iTunes codes.

4. Use Family Sharing to Save Money

After Apple Stop iTunes Allowance it has start support “Family Sharing,” which means that if any member of your family owns or purchase any app or services, it can be used by all the family members except it is mention in the TOS not to use.

Almost all apps or services provided in Apple Store support this feature and all the family member can use these in their smartphone after any one of them purchases that app.

With family share now members can share music, movies, TV serials, Books or Apps free of charge with each other.

How to use Family Share to get Other member Purchase items

You have to follow these steps to get Family share with other member purchase items

  1. Open any one of these in your Smartphone or PC (App Store, iTunes Store, iBook apps)
  2. Now open the iTunes Store app and click on More button for any item to purchase.
  3. Click on purchased button present in the screen
  4. Now check the Family Purchase section and tap your name of the family member who has purchased the product
  5. Now you need to download that app or product in your smartphone or account
  6. In the iTunes Store App check for the items which has been brought by your family member.
  7. Now tap on the purchased product and select the iCloud download icon present beside the purchased product
  8. The product will be downloaded in your Smartphone or account by download
  9. This is a simple procedure to get any purchased product of your family on your smartphone.

Final thought

We have tried to summarize different methods to get free iTunes Codes which is working in 2019. If you know any other method by which you can get free iTunes then comment below, we will try to incorporate that method in our coming article.

Also, comment by which method you got your first free iTunes Gift Card. If you think all these methods will take time, then you can check our “online tool” which will help you in getting free iTunes code within 3-min.

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