Get Free Google Play Gift Cards Legit Ways

Free Google play wallet codes

Are you carving for all those apps which are available in Google Play Store which are paid and need some hard cash to install on your Smartphone?

Well, we all love apps which have many facets and many popular functionalities. You can buy these apps with the real money or by using free Google Play Gift Codes. These Gift cards have money denomination in it and can be redeemed in your Google Play account to purchase different items present in Google Play Store.

What is Google Play Gift Cards or Credits?

Google has introduced Gift cards as more secure and fast processing method to replace actual money. We all know the risk of making online purchases and submitting credit / Debit cards online. To minimize the risk involving of credit card compromise, Google has introduced Gift cards which act as virtual currency.

You can purchase these Google Gift Cards from the online or offline store and use them online to purchase different Google products. Here one thing which you should remember is Google Gift cards can be used to purchase many items present in the Google store, but it cannot be used to get you monthly or yearly membership.

Many Apps or services require monthly or yearly membership, and you cannot use Google Gift Cards there to have those services as they need proper Credit Card to authenticate the real person.

Nevertheless, you can purchase whole lots of thing using Google Gift cards in Google Play Store.

Google Play gift cards 100$

What you can purchase from these Gift Cards

You can purchase many items using these Gift Cards, some of them are given below

  1. Books available at Google Play Store
  2. Game available at Google Play Store
  3. Apps available at Google Play Store
  4. Movies & TV Title available at Google Play Store
  5. Newsstand apps available at Google Play Store
  6. Google play console
  7. Music Title available at Google Play Store
  8. In-apps purchase from games or any other apps
  9. Game inventory, game characters, Maps using these credits

What are the Benefits of Google Play Credit or Gift Cards?

There are many benefits attach to Google Credits or Gift Cards, some of them worth mentioning here are as follows

  1. You can purchase any premium apps using these credits
  2. Purchase any Game or Movies using these credits
  3. You will negate the risk of your credit card compromise from online transaction
  4. Make payment faster and in a secure way
  5. You can keep these Google Credit for a longer time in your Google account
  6. Check our two methods by which you can earn Gift cards in a legit way

How to Redeem Google Play Credits to your Accounts?

So, you got Google Play Gift Cards, and now you want to redeem it, here are the step by step method by which you can redeem Google Play credits in your account.


how to redeem


  1. Open your Google Play account with user id and password
  2. Now click on the redeem button present on the left-hand side of the Menu
  3. The new search bar will open, put your code there and click redeem
  4. Payment will be credited to Google account as per denomination present in the Gift box.

Note: Check Google Terms and Conditions on Gift Card before doing any transaction

So, now the main question remains, can you get Free Google Play Gift Cards which can be working in 2019?

Yes! You can get many free Google to play gift cards which are working in 2019; there are many methods involve in this which will fetch you free Google Gift Card.

How To Get Free Google Play Codes

There are exactly Two methods by which you can get Free Google Play Gift Cards 2019.

  1. Fast Method (involve only 3-min of your time)
  2. Slow Method (involve 2 to 3 month)

Fast Method

The fast method involves only 3min of your time and can give you free Google Play Gift Codes within a matter of minutes. We will discuss this method with elaborate and will show you how you can fetch your favorite gift card with 3min of your time.

Online Service

Internet is full of websites which claim to give you free Google Play Cards within 3min by a touch of charm. This website claims that they are hacking Google server and giving you Google Gift Cards.

What they are doing is, they are making people fool by showing some nitty-gritty false coding in their website and making people believe that they have patched Google server and now they are fetching Google Play Cards. Now, that will not give any code; they will stop in between and ask the user to verify and complete one survey.

You should always stay away from these websites, as it is not possible to break into google server without raising a big red alarm. There are thousands of cybersecurity professional sitting in Google office to check their server integrity, and any breach of the server will land you in trouble.

Free Google Play Gift Cards Methods

We tested 85 online websites which claim to give free Google play gift Cards no survey no human and found out that all are 100% Scam. They never give any gift code and always make you complete the survey, and then they send you another website to do more survey.

One of the most important aspects which these website claims are that they can hack any server, which is quite impossible, and you should avoid such kind of website which will always ask you to do a survey.

When we have done deep research, we found out that these SCAM websites thrive on making people complete the survey. They earn from these surveys depending on the country you are residing, they can earn from $0.20 to $15 depending on survey people has completed.

Now if you check these online websites which claim to give you gift cards by compromising Google Server, please avoid it and keep a distance from those websites.

Why you should Avoid these sites

All the website which we have to check to contain hidden agenda of squeezing out money from the users. Some of them put multiple ads or hidden pop-under ads which will open when you visit those websites. These scam websites earn money from ads and pop-under and survey which people complete.

There are many reasons why you should avoid these online Free Google Gift Cards Websites

  1. No one can hack Google website from outside without raising big red Alarm
  2. You will be landed in jail if google find out, you have initiated these codes
  3. Your IP can be traced by Google and will be used to prosecute you.
  4. You will never get any free Google Gift Cards Using these Scam websites
  5. All Online Tools or No Survey or No Human Website are 100% Fake
  6. They all survive by doing your complete surveys
  7. All online tools websites are hosted DMCA ignored server
  8. Your Google account can be terminated if you use these online cheats
  9. Do not give your Google account user id and password to any online website
  10. Do not install any kind of application or .exe form this online website

Slow Method

These methods are slow, but they will fetch you Gift cards upon completion. These methods are called GPT methods, which means Get Paid To, in these methods you need to complete a small task to earn points, and when you accumulate enough points, they can be used to redeem your favorite online digital Gift Card.

GPT Website

Recently GPT website has evolved at quadruplet rate; many GPT websites has a popup in online internet, everyone wants to cash the GPT concept. During our small research, we found out that there are many genuine websites which are giving out money to the users when you complete a certain task.

Before that, you should know how these GPT websites work. GPT website works on point or coins system, where you need to complete the simple job or task every day to earn some points or coins, these points when collected will fetch you free Google play Gift Cards of your choice.

Some of the tasks which you will perform in this GPT website are as follows

  • Complete Surveys without buying anything
  • Complete Surveys with some purchase involve
  • Purchasing small items from these GPT website affiliate links
  • Installing software or small application in your PC or smartphone
  • Giving your views on new products
  • Watching Video Ads

Check Google Opinion Rewards this is the best legit website which gives user Google Gift Cards upon completion of small tasks.

GPT Apps

Similar to GPT website we have GPT Apps for Smartphone, these works exactly similar to GPT website. You need to perform a small task to earn coins or points which can be redeemed to any Digital online Gift Cards of your choice. Some of the tasks which you need to perform in these GPT apps are as follows

  • Install apps on your Mobile Devices
  • Download games and reach certain levels to claim points
  • Install security apps in your Mobile Devices
  • Watch Video Apps on your Mobile devices to get points
  • Complete survey on your Mobile devices
  • Purchase any apps or product from GPT apps affiliate link

Check Free Giveaway in Gamer Zone and Social Forums

There are many game forum and an online social media platform where you can check unused google Gift cards. Some of these are as follows

  1. Reddit (check all the subreddit of free Google Gift Cards Giveaway)
  2. Facebook (check all the pages of the giveaway on Facebook for Gift Cards)
  3. Game Forums (check all apps games forums to get gift Cards)

Final words

As you have seen there are many methods by which you can get free Google Gift Cards 2019; we assume that you can keep your choice clear and get any of the method present in the article. You can also check our online service to get new Gift Cards


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