Check how Management Spy on Your Conversation

You might be wondering “how your company knows each and every move of yours before you take any action”?

Well, with the advance in technology, Management keeps a tab on its employees for any spying activity in their company.

Management keeps using new technology which can employ to read your emails to read all the SMS you send from your smartphone. It can employ keyloggers which read and report your keyboard stocks to management.

Shocking but true!

Why Management Spy on its Employees?

Well, there are many reasons why Management needs to employ unethical practices to stop employers cheating in any company. Some of the reason is given below

  • To safeguard their copyright product
  • To safeguard their methods of making of any product
  • In order to get an advance alarm, if any employees want to shift job
  • To get information on rogue employees who tend to harm the company
  • To safeguard their new business ideas.
  • Safeguard the R&D of your company
  • To Safeguard or protect new innovation in your company
  • To keep a tab on employees, if they are connected to any competitors
  • Check if employees are happy in their company or not
  • To check if the bonus can be announcing in the right time
  • To check employee’s performance and to justify his pay
  • Keep a tab on employees where about if he is visiting any foreign country

Note: Not all company employ such unethical measure to keep a tab on employees, but almost all company uses some measures to safeguard their product.

What are the methods available by which Management keeps an eye on employees?

Well, there are many hidden methods by which Management try to keep a tab on its employees, some of them are as follows

Network wise Spying

In this method, an effective firewall must define in an office where you cannot send any mail without being scrutinized by management.

  • All network available in the office are behind firewall system which means all your emails receive or going out is scrutinize by management
  • Every website you open is being checked by management like Jobs portals, change of skills or adding different skills on your portfolio
  • All your external media will be disabled to use in office networks like pen drives, External HDD, Mobile or any other portable devices
  • All your social networking website which you browse in the office internet will be monitor. Like Facebook, LinkedIn or Tweeter
  • All your official emails will be open by management and check for any objectional material

Spying on personal items

Ever wonder why Management gives you a free laptop on your first day on the job?

Well, it gives them many added advantages which you never know, some of them are given below

  • Management installs RAT in employers’ laptops to monitor its activity
  • RAT’s are so effective that, they can capture your key stock on your laptops
  • Management can check how you spend time with your laptops
  • How many illegal websites do you visit in office time and in your spare time?
  • It also checks if you are communicating with their competitors or not
  • You should remember that deleting logs did not give you any benefit when your online activity has been watching by management in real time
  • Even your Mobile phone can be used to check your online conversation, and your key stock can get recorded using software

Note: there are many advance spying tools which you can check in the Spy Centre website.

How can you make sure to avoid all these spying?

Well, you cannot escape from all these spying devices in the office, but at home or when you are not using office time you can take these measures.

  • Do not use office laptop and other devices for any communication in the home
  • Do not use office mobile for personal communication
  • Always make sure to talk in your private mobile away from office equipment like a laptop or mobile
  • These instrument men have a hidden voice recorder, which many starts recording while you talk in another private mobile near this equipment
  • Use RF wireless signal to detect any signals generating from your office gadgets
  • Avoid any personal comments or opening of social media or emails in office internet or network
  • Use personal email (paid) to send personal emails to avoid being read by Management
  • Employ good malware software in your personal as well as office laptop to detect hiding rats.

Final words

If you are good to employ and did not do any unethical thing, then you don’t have to bother about these things.

But occasionally if you check for better prospects like changing jobs or adding different skill sets to your portfolio, then you should use our method to avoid spying by management.

Written by Admin