Best Universal Remote Apps For Android

Are you Searching for Best Universal Remote App for all your electronic devices?

As technology has witness manifold growth in recent years, our life has been touched with advanced technologies.

Technologies which can give us hassle-free, wireless living with minimum gadgets. We are edging towards a more wire free environment with Wi-Fi and IR technology.

To make your life more comfortable and smoother, you can now control all your IR gadgets using one remote. These are called Universal remote, which can access using your Smartphone.

Now, you don’t need to find all the remove for your TV, Gaming Console, Sound system, or lighting system. You can use the Universal Remote App from your Smartphone and control all these electronic gadgets.

Top 05 Universal IR remote App for your Smartphone

Let’s starts our top 05 universal IR remote app which can be used in iPhone or Android without any problem.

1. SURE (App) – Smart Home and TV universal Remote

One of the best App which supports all wireless protocol, which is used to connect with your old gadgets.

SURE universal TV remote app android

Sure Universal app can connect gadgets using Wi-Fi and IR. which means you can now control all your gadgets which are running on this protocol, such as

  • Smart TV
  • Set-up Box
  • Air Conditioner
  • DVD box
  • Projectors
  • Media Streamer box
  • AV receiver
  • Gaming Console
  • Sound System
  • Light System
  • Security System which needs remote

Features of Sure App -Universal Remote app

  • Easy to use and implement using your Smartphone
  • Get free Voice Commands inside our apps to control all gadgets
  • You can browse and play music using this universal app
  • You can also stream audio and video from your Smartphone to smart TV
  • You can use this device to copy files across the network
  • Works on the principle of IR (infra-red) Blaster.

2. AnyMote (app) Smart Home Control

Work seamlessly with 900000 devices and term as best in a class universal remote.

AnyMote (app) universal remote + Wi-Fi Smart Home Control has all the facility which you need in any remote.

Anymote Universal remote app

It can control all gadgets like TV, media player, Gaming Console, lights, or cameras with one remote. You can download this app and install this on your Smartphone and control all your gadgets.

When you install AnyMote app in your Smartphone, you can open it to check all the devices which this app can control using its remote technology.

You can add unlimited remote in these apps which can be used to control many devices simultaneously.

3. Yatse (app) Kodi remote control and Cast

Yatse App uses Kodi software to control different devices connected with IR. You can download Yatse app in your smartphone and can control different devices.

Yaste App

There are many unique features associated with Yaste app which are as follows

  • You can stream your Kodi media to your Smart TV using a smartphone
  • You can control Roku, smart TV, Chromecast, Fire TV and AirPlay using this app
  • You will get support for Plex™ and Emby™ servers
  • You can use Natural voice Commands
  • You can also use offline media to sync Kodi, Plex and Emby Media
  • You can add multiple remote devices in this app
  • You can also get cloud save for all your backup and restoration
  • Get unlimited custom command
  • You can use AV receiver plugins to allow volume control

4. Unified Remote (app)

Do you want to control your PC and other electronic devices using a smartphone?

Install Unified remote app and turn your Smartphone into universal remote for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux with hundreds of other devices.

Unified Remote app

You can use your Smartphone for doing many things such as

  • Controlling all electronic gadgets which run on IR and Wi-Fi
  • Control mouse and keyboard
  • Control media players and presentations
  • Control file managers or terminal

Some of the features of Unified Remote app are as follows

  • Easy integration of the app
  • Automatic server and another device detection
  • Supports multi-touch mouse control
  • Can be used to do Wake On LAN
  • Can be integrated with light and dark color themes
  • You can create a server for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Can be incorporate 90 free remotes
  • Support for voice commands
  • Support NFC actions
  • Support for custom remotes
  • Support for floating remotes

5. IR Universal (app) TV Remote

 IR universal app for TV remote is the best option if you are looking for TV remote replacement. You can install IR universal app in your Smartphone and can control many devices which run on IR.

Universal TV remote app for android

IR universal app has many features, some of them are as follows

  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Can be installed on your Smartphone
  • Can replace your old Physical TV remote
  • Uses IR technology to control all physical devices
  • Can control multiple devices by setting up macros
  • You can customize your remote app

Final words

You can use this universal remote app in your iPhone as well as Android Smartphone to control electronic devices.

You should also remember, a certain aspect that not all Smartphone has IR blaster, so install this app after making sure that your Smartphone contains IR blaster.

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