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Best Software to Build Android Games in 2021

Google Play Store has more than 2.6 Million androids’ apps in its catalogue, and 70% of them are games apps. Now if you are a game addict and thinks that games can be developed only by a big game company with thousands of developers then think twice if you remember “Flappy Bird” it was developed by one person.

Flappy Bird has changed the concept of gaming and develop a new category in the gaming section as endless running. You can check the Google Play Store and find hundreds of games which are developed by a single person.

Now if you think that Developing game in android is a difficult task as it will require complex coding of C++, LUA, JAVA, Action Script or any other language, then you are wrong. There are plenty of software available in the market which do not require any programming skill; you need to have logic to create those games.

If you are not quite sure about how to make your first game, then there are hundreds of game tutorials which you can follow and make your first game ready for Google Play Store. We will also give you links for readymade game titles which are available in the Gaming software store. You can purchase and change some character cosmetics and publish it under your name.

Making an Android game is now a Child play with these amazing software”

Top 10 Android game builder software for 2021

Here is the summarized list of top 10 Android game software which do not require any programming knowledge, you only need logic to make your game in Android.

top 10 android game building software

  1. Unity
  2. Construct 2 & Construct 3D
  3. Corona SDK – 2D game engine
  4. Gamesalad
  5. Unreal Engine
  6. Clickteam Fusion 2.5
  7. Game Marker YOYO Games
  8. Amazon Lumberyard
  9. Cross2D-X
  10. MonoGame

Top Android Game Software for 2019

Let’s start digging on all these software for checking which one score above the rest of the Android software in 2019.

1. Unity

  • Biggest and the oldest gaming platform
  • You can make games in 2D or 3D based on your subscription
  • You can hire developers or can make a sole game using unity
  • Unity has the biggest gaming developer forum which supports each other’s
  • You will get many gaming packs to make cosmetics for your game
  • You can get game items such as characters, weapons, clothes, other game items in unity packs (you need to purchase them with real money)
  • Support for cross-platform publish
  • Price: personal use – Free, Hobbyists Plus – $25 , Pro use – $125

2. Construct 2 & Construct 3

  • Second biggest game platform after Unity
  • Biggest game developers’ forums support after unity
  • You can make a Virtually stunning 2D game using Construct 2 & 3
  • You can make a game for iOS, Android and HTML 5
  • Easy to make the game as all is in drag and drop
  • Easy to create design levels and add behaviors/ effects
  • Construct has added particle system, pixel-shader, and blend modes effects.
  • Price: construct 3
  • Personal licence – $99 per year, Start up Business Licence – $149 per year, Business Licence- $399 per year,
  • Price: Construct 2
  • Personal License – $199.99 (one-time fee)
  • Business License – $499.99 (one-time fee)

3. Corona SDK – 2D game engine

  • Get powerful LUA language in drag and drop software
  • No need to know any programming language
  • Make apps or game for iOS, Windows phone, Android and Kindle
  • Forums to support your questions
  • 2D feature to get real game experience
  • Open source project
  • Free to use software

4. Gamesalad

  • Build an awesome 2D game with no coding required
  • Drag and drop facility in the game
  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML 5
  • More than one million installs since 2010
  • Gamesalad basic price- $17 per month, PRO – $25 per month

5. Unreal Engine

  • Biggest games are developed in Unreal engines like PUBG and Fortnite
  • Create a mobile app or game using unreal engine
  • No programming code required for making any mobile game
  • You can test game as you make module wise
  • Big game developer support for all your query
  • Support for all mobile platform including Windows, Android, iOS.
  • Free for entry-level project, if you gain $3000 profit then royalty free 5% need to be paid.

6. Clickteam Fusion 2.5

  • A great small software to make android games
  • You can build an event-based game with no coding requirement
  • The standalone game can be made with ease on this platform
  • Multiplayer game requires a little tweaking
  • Price- free to use if you require full function then $49.99 to $99.99

7. Game Marker YOYO Games

  • The best option when you want to make 2D games for Android
  • Quick drag and drop facility to make games modules
  • Many advances features like Pathfinder, particle included in the bundle
  • Good game developer support
  • You can purchase game items or cosmetics from the game store
  • Just drag all the game items, and your game will be ready
  • Start with tutorials and game example to start building your game
  • If you want to include features, you need to pay for them
  • Price- free for entry-level games, for extra features price ranges from $150 to $800.

8. Amazon Lumberyard

  • Make smartphone game using Amazon lumberyard
  • Use the free software and make an engaging game for the mobile platform
  • Support all cross-platform like iOS, windows, Xbox one, Android
  • Price- free

9. Cross2D-X

  • Cross2D-x is suitable for small games in Android
  • You can make feature-rich games with little game size.
  • Large support with the developer community
  • Supports iOS, Linux, Windows, Android
  • Price -free

10. MonoGame

  • Made with C# and .Net language
  • Open source and big community support
  • Support iOS, Android, MacOs, Linux, PS4, Xbox one and Switch
  • Get huge support with a game article
  • Price – free

Final words

So, these are the TOP 10 software to build an android game in 2019. You can check all these software for making Android or iOS games and publish them cross-platform to earn more. Developing a game for the smartphone is now easy; you only need a good software and logic to execute your dream game.

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