Best GameCube Emulator For Android And PC

Do you remember GameCube from Nintendo, once termed as “Toy Box”?

History of GameCube

Well, Nintendo released GameCube Gaming console in 2001 to compete with Xbox and PlayStation 2. GameCube generation has begun in 2001 and got discontinued in 2007.

Nintendo has released 600 games for GameCube gaming console during these six years. With GameCube Nintendo intended to capture its lost glory which seems to diminish due to Sony PlayStation and Xbox.

Nintendo GameCube did a fair job in sales, as it hit more than 22 Million units during its lifetime. But if you compare with another gaming giant, then it is merely losing its ground as PlayStation 2 sold 155 Million and Xbox sold 25 Million during those periods.

Best Games on GameCube

There is more than 600 games released by Nintendo for GameCube console. We have listed some of the hit game titles for you

  • Luigi’s Mansion
  • Star Wars Roge Squadron II: Rogue Leader
  • Super Mario
  • The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Top Nintendo GameCube Emulator for Android/Mac/Windows

GameCube Emulator is a piece of software which create an environment of Nintendo GameCube File system. These Emulators mimics nearly the same file system as found in Nintendo. This helps in installing the GameCube games and playing them without a problem.

But You’re Probably wondering:

“Which GameCube Emulator works best for my PC?”

We have summarised some of the best Nintendo GameCube emulators for you, choose according to your requirement.

  1. GC4iOS Emulator
  2. Dolphin Emulator
  3. Dolwin Emulator
  4. WhineCube Emulator
  5. Super GCube

Want to Know the Best Part:

Let’s check all these GameCube Emulators and find out which one is the best among these 05 emulators.

1. GC4iOS Emulator

GC4iOS emulator as name indicate is mended to emulate Nintendo games on iPad or iPhones.

The GC4iOS emulator is known for its stable and buffer free experience for iPad and iPhones.

GC4iOS emulator for GameCube

You can play many old Nintendo GameCube game on your Smartphone iPad and iPhones using GC4iOS emulator.

To install GC4iOS Emulator on your iPhone, you need to root access or Jailbreak your Phone.

You may get some games struggles to keep the appropriate frame rates, but all Hit game titles of Nintendo can be played using the GC4iOS emulator.


  • Get buffer free experience with this emulator
  • More than 300 games ROM supported by this emulator
  • The emulator works seamlessly with iPad and iPhone.
  • Best emulator if you want to run the game on iOS platform


  • You will not find this app on the Apple Store
  • Need to Jailbreak your Smartphone to install this emulator
  • Gets Buffer or lag, if your iOS version is latest

2. Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin Emulator is the one-stop solution for all Nintendo Gaming console, as it supports games for GameCube, Wii and Nintendo 64.

This emulator boost performance with 1440p, which you cannot even get using GameCube.

Dolphin emulator for GameCube

It is an open-source, cross-platform support emulator, which can support Windows, Linux, MacOS along with iOS and Android?

Developers of Dolphin emulator’s keep on updating their system, by releasing updates and fixing bugs.


  • It Supports three Nintendo Systems
  • Stable and buffer free Performance
  • Supports latest Nintendo gaming console Wii
  • Provides features like Save the game and Load State


  • Needs high-end CPU to run most of the games
  • Can give you lags if your CPU is old
  • Need at least 2 GB RAM

3. Dolwin Emulator

Dolwin is open source GameCube Emulator which is written with C programming language.

It is fast and secure as compare to other GameCube emulator and occasionally releases updates to fix bugs.


  • Brilliant emulation
  • Good support for Graphics and sound
  • Support DVDR plugin


  • At present commercial games are not supported
  • Old CPU is not supported

4. WhineCube Emulator

WhineCube is fast, reliable emulator to run Nintendo games.

It is written in C++ programming language which supports both DOL and ELF formats.

Whine Cube emulator for GameCube

WhineCube is the best solution if you are not looking to run commercial games on this emulator. WhineCube does not support Commercial games of Nintendo.

WineCube has easy Controls and some fastest FPS for Nintendo games.


  • Fast with buffer free experience
  • Support excellent graphics
  • Can be run on the old computer
  • Easy controls


  • The emulator can crash if you play heavy intensive games

5. Super GCube

Super GCube is stable emulator which only support Windows OS.

It has optimized to give a high FPS rate and high-performance during the game.

Super GCube emulator for GameCube

Super GCube uses interpreter mode to run high-resolution games.

Super GCube supports all GameCube games, and you will get buffer free experience when you play them on this emulator.


  • Support sound and graphics
  • Can run many GameCube games
  • Stable and high-speed guarantee


  • Few Commercial games support

Final Words

These are the top 05 Nintendo GameCube emulator which you can use to play all old Nintendo Games.

Who is the winner?

In our research Dolphin Emulator came out to be top in this category.

Dolphin emulator developers keep on improving the system by releasing updates and fixing bugs.

For MacOS you can rely on GC4iOS emulator which can run many popular Nintendo games.

Always remember, you will not get full FPS support on these emulators due to the difference in the file system.

But you can play most of the old Nintendo games which did not need intense Frame per the second resolution.

What’s the Bottom Line?

If you love Old Nintendo games and wish to play them on your PC, then you can choose these GameCube emulators.

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