Best Free Online Logo Maker 2021

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Are you looking for stunning Logo, which will increase your Brand recognition?

Well, check the free Online Logo Maker 2021 list, where we have summarised top 05 Online logo maker website. You can use these online websites to make a free logo for your company or your product.

We are living in a Globalized world economy where we have to compete with thousands of similar working company. One thing which makes these company apart is the Brand logo.

Ever wonder why the company needs Good Name and Band Logo?

Well, it helps to remember better with the company name, and it helps in the instant recalling of the band when you see the logo.

A brand logo is the single most important factor for any company to gain popularity, recognition, and market penetration.

Just check the Big Brand logos McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, Microsoft, Puma, or KFC.

Can you imagine these brands without there logo?

If these company did not have logo’s, they would probably lose all customer in no time or did not grow as fast as they have grown.

So, the brand logo is a single important factor for any business, be it an online business or offline business. You should make your own logo for your website also, which will be easier to remember rather than the name of the website.

Why do you require Logo for your Brand?

According to Tailor Bands, we need a logo for these reasons

  1. To Grab Attention of the customers
  2. Makes best First impression
  3. The logo is the foundation of Your Company Brand Identity
  4. Visual memory is more powerful
  5. Separates your Company from competitors
  6. Fosters Brand Loyalty for your Company
  7. For Communicating with your Audience

Top 5 Free Logo Maker 2021

We all know how the logo plays an important part in deciding any company future. It is the Face of a Company when no words or pictures are associated with it.

You can make Logo in two different ways

  • Offline
  • Online

And two different process

  • Free or paid

Logo can be made online without paying any dime or can be created with easy templates available online. If you are looking for some free logo making solution, then you can check our exclusive list of free logo maker 2019.

1. Canva or Canva Logo Maker

Hundreds of designs with a drag-and-drop editor to make your first Logo

The no1 spot for any free design or logo is Canva; it has hundreds of design which you can implement to make your first logo.

Canva is known for its easy online editor and customization of drag-and-drop images. You don’t have to be a PRO logo maker to make your first free logo using Canva.

Logo making in Canva is very easy; you can follow these procedures to make it

  • Sign in Canva using Facebook or Google
  • Enter your Company Name in Canva
  • Now choose category present in Canva
  • Choose appealing Logo present in the category
  • Now do some amendment to your logo to make it more attractive
  • Download the logo and start using it for your Company

2. Online Logo Maker

Great online logo making platform to build your first logo

If you are searching for a free logo making solution for your business, then you can definitely check this online logo maker. Online logo maker has some of best logo template and some advance tool to tweak to make it attractive.

Some of the features of Online Logo maker is as follows

  • You can make Logo for free as well as premium (paid)
  • Make amazing logo within 5min
  • One of best template available in Online Logo Maker
  • Many advanced tools to design your amazing logo
  • Download free 300 px with a free pack
  • If you want a bigger logo, 2000 px you need to pay for that premium service
  • Biggest font available in Online Logo Maker

So, if you are looking for an online free solution, without being a compromise with the quality, then check Online logo maker.

3. Hesterdesigns

Make Amazing Free logos without any expert

Another online website to stop for the free online logo is HesterDesigns. You will be bowled to see their easy interface and hundreds of templates.

If you are full of ideas, then you can use this online logo website to design your first logo using hundreds of templates.

There are many features associated with Hesterdesign as they are as follows

  • Make a free logo using these amazing online tool
  • Choose your logo design from hundreds of templates
  • Choose hundred of Font for your Logo
  • Use easy integration tool and make your first logo
  • No design skill required
  • No prior experience in logo making required


Choose over 6000 Business logo and creates your dream logo

One of the best online logos making a website with more than 6000 professional design. Choose your company name and start building your first professional logo. is one stop solution when it comes to building professional design for your company logo. You can choose between a hundreds of  variety of templates and then font to make your first free logo.

Features of are as follows

  • Make professional looking free Logo in a matter of 5min
  • Collection of more than 6000 Professional design
  • Choose by category wise in the website
  • Edit any Professional design of the logo and make your first free logo
  • Easy navigation and advanced tools to edit your design
  • No design skill required

5. Logo Garden

Choose amazing effect for your logo

Logo Garden is DIY (do it yourself) type online logo creation website with huge templates.

You can choose from these logo templates and make your first free online logo.

Some of the features of the logo garden are as follows

  • Make a free logo with hundreds of templates available
  • Add some effects like shine, reflect, shadows to your logos
  • Add text and effect to your logo to make it stand out from the rest
  • No design tool required

Final words

So, now you know how to create an online logo using free online tools. We recommend you to use Canva or to make your first professional logo without any hassle.

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