Best Free Android Apps of 2021

If you believe in the statistic, then you will be amazed to know that the Google Play Store has hosted more than 2.6 Million apps in 2020 (source Now that was a hell lot of apps to choose from, and you will spend your entire life searching and checking all apps, so to make your life easier we have chosen the top 11 Android apps which will make your life easier in 2020.

Best Free Android Apps

We have chosen a leader in the different category so that you will get the best in all the categories and you will never need to spend any time checking other option in that category.

1. Xender

One of the best App which is present in the Google Play store to exchange files with another cross-platform mobile is Xender. This is the essential app which you need to have in your mobile for any data or files transfer between friends or colleague. It did not use your Phone Bluetooth and worked on Wi-Fi, it also supports high-speed 40Mb/s, which you need when you want to transfer big movies or music.


Features of Xender

  • Share data or music or movies at any place anytime
  • No Mobile data usage will be there
  • It is more than 200 times Bluetooth speed
  • It supports all types of a mobile OS like Android, IOS, Tizen, PC/ MAC
  • You don’t need any USB to transfer any files
  • More than 500 Million users to date
  • Over 100 Million files get a transfer on all platform this app
  • Use only mobile Wi-Fi to transfer files
  • More than 40Mb/s speed of the transfer


  • Free from Ads and free to use
  • Can transfer large file without limitation
  • Free from network connection and limitation
  • Use this free app to transfer files and music between friends and colleague


  • None as Xender Team has removed all the annoying ads from this app

 2. MX Player

Your friend has shared a new movie with you, and you desperately want to watch it on your android mobile, but when you try to open it with your default android app, it gives error, showing this format cannot be played, now you have only one option, go and search google to get the appropriate player to run that movie.

MX Player

We have decided to narrow down your search option and wanted you to download MX Player. MX player is the most sought-after application on android which supports all music, movie format. It has many features which come handy when you are watch movies such as gesture volume control and subtitle timeframes.

Features of MX Players

  • A wide range of Audio Formats supported
  • All Video Format supported
  • Multi-core decoding support
  • Easy zoom in and zoom out
  • Subtitles gestures support
  • Kids lock supported


  • Support all popular range of audio and video format
  • Support child lock
  • Support Gesture control


  • It contains ads
  • Sometimes auto rotation hangs out

3. LastPass Password Manager

What you do when you visit multiple online store or website which requires username and password for authentication?

Last Pass


You type every time your username and password to all those online forum or stores, well here is the solution to make it fast and secure. Use LastPass password manager, which is designed in such a way that it will store your username and password in AES 256-bit encryption and has many more functionalities in its free version.

Now you can secure all your password online without fear of ever getting a compromise. It has many features which are worth looking, some of them are as follows

Features of LastPass Password Manager

  • It will autofill web browser with username and password
  • Support fingerprint to log into your LastPass Password Manager
  • It supports two-factor authentication
  • It has AES 256-bit encryption for security
  • Support a built-in password generator which can generate a secure password
  • Sync with all devices with your same user id and password


  • No1 Password wallet
  • Remember all your username and password online
  • Have AES 256-bit encryption security for wallet
  • It can be used in all devices including phones, tablets, and PC


  • Some of the features are available in the Paid version

4. Swiftkey Keyboard

Chatting is the most utilized function nowadays on the internet and if that was on your

local language then the fun double up. But android mobile default keyboard did not include all the local language, so if you wish that you want to send a chat message in your local language, then you have to install SwiftKey Keyboard app in your mobile app from Google Play Store.

swiftkey keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard is the best app which supports all local language and can bring life in your chatting session. It can feature such as gesture typing or autocorrect which comes handy when you did not find appropriate words for your sentence.

Features of SwiftKey Keyboard

  • Swipe to type support features
  • Spell checker with AI power prediction
  • Support emoji keyboard
  • Get more than 100+ colorful Keyboard themes
  • Get up to 5 languages support at once
  • Keyboard has supported over 300 languages
  • Support for keyboard bigger or smaller size


  • One of the best free Keyboard on Google Play Store
  • Support 300 languages with gesture control
  • More than 100+ keyboard themes to suit your style
  • Support built-in clipboard


  • Punctuation symbol is removed from the symbols which are frustrating
  • Sometimes the apps freeze

5. Google Duo – High-Quality Video calls

For many years we only do calls from WhatsApp and Skype, but after Google introduced Google Duo -High-Quality Video Calls, life has taken a big turn. Now all you need is an active internet connection, and you can talk to anyone on the other side of the world with super voice and video quality. Google Duo has user-friendly and easy to navigate user interface which every age people can use. There are many unique features which make this app the world no1 app in voice and video call.

Google Duo

Features of Google Duo

  • Support video and voice call on all signals 3G, LTE, and WiFi
  • Support Knock Knock feature which identity which is calling from another side
  • Support both Android and iOS


  • Best in the class video and audio call quality
  • One solution for all your calling needs
  • Free to use


  • Data charges may apply on your internet usages

6. Netflix

So, you need to travel to another town and need something to kill those 5 to 6 hours of traveling time. Welcome to the world of Netflix your official time killer app, which will give you thousands of watch time on your favorite TV shows, Movies on your smartphone. Netflix has now become the best apps to watch all the latest moves and TV shows beaming on your smartphone with a monthly subscription.



There are many more similar apps like Amazon Prime, HULU, but they did not even come closer to Netflix when it comes to exclusive TV serials which Netflix produces every month. Netflix has many smash hit TV shows and movies which you can only watch on Netflix apps. Some of the Tv shows of Netflix are as follows

  • Stranger Things: Season 2
  • Maniac
  • Black Mirror
  • Better call Saul

Features of Netflix


  • An industry leader in providing TV serials and Movies service
  • Support multiple devices with the same account
  • You can watch Movies offline by downloading on your Mobile
  • Support Smartphone, Game consoles, Smart TVs, Blu-ray players
  • No restriction on how many movies you can watch per day or every month


  • Netflix is paid service, and you need to pay $9 per month

7. ES File Explorer File Manager

 So, you have around 20 apps in your smartphone and has more than 500 pictures with 500 more images and video cluttering in your smartphone from WhatsApp and other chatting apps. Now with all those unwanted images and videos sitting in your smartphone, you are facing lag in your mobile, which is freezing your many apps and Facebook. You need an immediate solution, and we are going to provide that one, install ES File Explorer File Manager, your one-stop solution for every problem.

Es File Explorer


ES File Explorer File Manager Will Manage your files, search for all those unwanted images and video sitting on your hard drive of your Smartphone and with one click will delete those effectively. It has many more features such as sending/ receiving files from other sources, build in rare and zip supports, cache cleaner and many more.

Features of ES File Explorer

  • It helps to handle all files present in your device’s memory, MicroSD card or LAN or even in Cloud storage.
  • You can search, cut, copy and delete all files from your ES file Explorer
  • SD Card Analyst
  • App Manager – uninstall, back up or create shortcuts to your app
  • Kill task with one click
  • Cache cleaner
  • Loads images in library 80% faster
  • Wi-Fi file transfer facility
  • Bluetooth file browser support to check all files in your smartphone
  • Access your home PC with SMB


  • Best File Manager
  • Uninstall apps with ease
  • Can be used to check all the unwanted images and video laying in SD card
  • File transfer facility available over WiFi


  • Some of the advanced features are available in the paid version

8. Amazon Kindle

After the birth of “mobile age,” no one wants to read any book, and book sales are going down day by day, with the library being close in many countries, Amazon through a clever plan, it brings out Kindle app. A Kindle app is a library in your pocket which has more than 900,000 amazing titles in Amazon Store. You can browse and search for your favorite book and read many free stories and article on the Kindle app.

Amazon kindle

features of Amazon Kindle app

  • Get millions of books at your Fingertips or in your Smartphone
  • You can choose between a book, magazine or newspaper
  • Read free books or subscribe to any magazine
  • Flip pages as you do in real books
  • Customize your reading and preferences
  • Whispersync technology synchronized margin notes or keywords


  • You don’t have to buy kindle tablet to read books
  • You can read many free ebooks from these apps


  • Need paid version to read many books and magazine

9. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

So, you want to settle down on another country or want to visit there on vacation; then this app will come handy. We have checked several online Apps which provide similar services but settle for this app as this is free and have a user-friendly interface with a proven record.

Duallingo language app

You can learn Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish or English, Greek and many more with this app. It contains chapter wise speaking, reading and writing skills which you can improve by playing in the game.

Feature of Duolingo

  • Learn a foreign language by playing
  • Learn by listening, reading, Speaking and writing
  • Improve your grammar by answering the question
  • Follow your basic target and complete lesion
  • Get your basic verbs and phrases with gameplay
  • 34 Hours of Duolingo is supposed to be equivalent to one semester of language university-level education.


  • Free to use and learn
  • Good chapter wise presentation
  • Interactive session


  • The app contains ads and has in-app purchases

10. Gbox – Toolkit for Instagram

So, you love to post a picture on your Instagram, and you want to become pro in that field, if you want one app solution then use Gbox- Toolkit for Instagram. It is the one-touch solution to all Instagram pictures. It has many features which will make your picture stunning. Some of the features are as follows

Gbox toolkit for Instagram

Features of Gbox – Toolkit for Instagram

  • Get Swipe picture effect with this app ( it will break 1 picture into 3 to give swipe effect)
  • Support no crop picture
  • Support 9 Grid (use it make your profile picture with 9 unique picture)
  • Support video Splitter (split the long video into 15 sec to fit Instagram Stories)
  • Support Report to give credits
  • Support many effects such as glitchy, vintage and many more to your picture
  • Get top 9 collage of most liked photos of your
  • Get automatic hashtags & caption to your picture and stories


  • Support many effects on your picture of Instagram
  • Cool Apps which has many free features for Instagram


  • Many features require an in-app purchase

11. Gift Wallet – free Reward Card

So, you need to purchase some of the premium apps, and your monthly budget did not permit to do that, but you badly need that app or any monthly subscription. Well, we will today be going to reveal one website which will give you Gift Card which can be redeemed on your online store and you can purchase your product.

Gift Wallet

These apps are called GPT (Get paid to) which means you need to perform the certain small task in these apps, and for that, they will reward you with points, these points when will fetch you Gift cards. You can complete many small tasks in these apps and will earn points.

Some of the tasks which you need to perform in these apps are as follows

  • Watch video ads in their apps
  • Install different apps from apps
  • Install and play certain games form these apps
  • A complete small survey paid of free
  • Give valuable comment on certain products which are new and ready to launch

Reward which is currently present in the Gift Wallet

  • Amazon Gift Card ($3, $5 and $10)
  • PayPal Cash ( $5, $10, $25, $50)
  • free Google Play Gift Cards ($10, $25, $50)
  • Steam Wallet ($20, $50, $100)
  • iTunes Gift Cards ($10, $25, $50)
  • League of legends RPS
  • Free game Money

A feature of Gift Wallet

  • Trusted wallet which gives gift cards
  • Need to complete a small task to get points
  • Points, when accumulated, can be redeemed for any gift card of your choice
  • It will only take 30 min of work daily


  • Work from home and earn Gift cards
  • No hectic jobs to be done for earning points
  • All age group can join and earn points
  • A wide range of gift cards are available


  • Some of the members complain about the delay of the Gift Card release

Final thoughts

We have summaries all the best free android app which are still very relevant in 2020. We love to hear from you’re all, which app you think we have missed out in our top 11 Android app, please do comment and tell us why you like that app.

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