06 Life-Saving Apps for Sydney Travelers

Best Apps for Sydney travelers

So, are you looking to visit Sydney in recent time?

If you are going to visit any city in Australia, then install these 06 lives saving apps in your smartphone before your trip.

As you all know, Sydney is the most beautiful city in Australia with many tourist attraction places like

  • Sydney Opera House
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Darling Harbour in Sydney
  • The Sydney Tower Eye
  • Sydney Beaches and many more

Best Travel Apps For Sydney

So, when you prepare for your trip this time, add these apps in your smartphone which will help you immensely in your travel to Sydney.

All the apps listed here are freely available in the Google Play Store or in the Apple Store.

1. Skyscanner

One of the first things you require to plan any trip is to book Flights tickets. For that, you may find many website and apps, but we recommend you use Skyscanner.

One of the best app which compares thousand of airline website and gives the best deals in a few minutes. You can use Skyscanner for more discount if you are searching for tickets three months earlier than your trip.

Skyscanner is the best apps which give best deals and more discount to the user without getting any traps. You can get flights sorted in one place, and after that, you can choose the flight which is suitable for your journey.

Pro Tip: always plan your trip ahead and avoid paying more for the same flight. User Skyscanner app to get discounted Flights tickets.

2. Trivago

Yes, we know this one is a controversial decision as there are many other websites claiming to give you cheap hotel booking. But believe us Trivago is the best option when it comes to providing a competitive hotel booking from 1.8 million hotels worldwide.

Trivago uses all the other big hotel booking portal API to scape prices and booking details. You can literally get all the hotel covered with this app when you search for your cheap and best hostel.

Trivago is the best, cheap, and reliable solution when you are searching for an affordable hotel reservation.

3. Drops

If your native language is not English, then it will be very difficult to travel to any country. You need to use Drops app, which will help you to under that language where you want to travel.

Drops have more than 32 languages which you can choose to get aquatinted with like

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Mandarin
  • Greek

You can use their visual learning tools to remember basic items name and basic languages to make your life easier.

Drops are a must for every solo traveler if they are planning to visit any new country.

4. Rome2rio

One of the best apps which can give you accurate information about the transport system in any country. You can use google help for getting router maps, but if you need transport information like buses number or fare, you can use this app.

Use Rome2rio apps to get information about buses, Train, metros, and boats which are used to transport people.

Rome2rio comes handy when you get accurate information about the fare which you require to spend on that trip.

5. Travello

Do you love to connect with all other travelers who are on the same destination?

Install Travello app, which is now the hottest apps between all travelers who want to connect and interact with each other.

Connect with a fellow traveler and get inside information about any place and get pro and cons of the place where you are going to visit. Many time website information did not give you accurate information about the place which your fellow travelers can give you.

You can also get inside information about cheap hotels, places to visit, restaurants to eats, pubs to drink and beaches.

Just install Travello and share your experience with fellow tourist and get valuable information from them.

6. Live Trekker

Live Trekker is one stop solution for all your digital media shorted out in day wise list.

It can track your journey with maps and other interesting pics from start to finish. You can also customize it with pictures, Videos and other memorable logs for all your trip.

Live trekker is like live picture album which you can showcase to your family members or friends as to how you perform that trip. It will beautifully store and keep your digital memories in data wise catalog.

Traveling to Sydney

All these apps are essential to every traveler, whether he is traveling to Sydney or not. You will need to use these essential lifesaving apps to make a perfect travelling trip.

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