ZotPad goes free

ZotPad is now available from the App Store for free. This means the full app without limitations and with the same support level as before. The only thing that has changed is the price.

The price change is part of a longer term plan for ZotPad. ZotPad started as a paid app to justify the time investment that went to developing the first version. The initial price was then increased to raise funds to license PDF technology from iAnnotate. This fundraising target has now been reached and ZotPad can therefore be made freely available.

Starting from ZotPad 2.0, the iAnnotate technology and possibly some other third-party technologies will be available as in-app purchases to cover the ongoing license fees and costs of future development. Because it would not be fair to make the people who have contributed to the fundraiser by paying for ZotPad, these additional features will be free for any paying customer. If the free version of ZotPad increases the support workload, personal support may also become a paid feature.

There will be more information about ZotPad 2.0 in the near future.